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Thursday, May 17, 2012

When I am Baptized

Before delving into this lesson plan, I would suggest reading an except from Teaching, No Greater Call HERE under the section "Comparisons and Object Lessons" (scroll down a bit to find it).  It provides some valuable information for teaching intagible principles using tangible objects.  I really liked this quote here that is from the excerpt:

“Tie the invisible idea … to some tangible object the student already knows about and then build from that knowledge”

For this lesson plan, you'll need colored chalk and a rainbow wand for each child:

Check out my post on wands HERE - where to buy them now, or how to create your own.  Scarves would also be a great substitute for the wands!  I recommend these here from Amazon:

Before primary, draw a big rainbow on the chalkboard (about 2/3 of the top portion) using colored chalk.  Underneath the rainbow draw two rows of raindrops that match the pitch of the chorus - two lines of raindrops for the two lines in the chorus.  So when the notes go up or down in the chorus, the raindrops will do the same...does that make sense? Here's a picture of how it should look (always worth a thousand words!):

(thanks to Renae from LDS Chorister's facebook group for the demo!!)

Post words to all verses and chorus (optional).

For Senior:  Tell them we are learning a song that is all about rainbows and rain.  Isn't that odd that we'd learn a Primary song all about rainbows and rain?  There are 3 different ways this song is about rainbows and rain and your job today is to figure out those 3 ways.  I have a help for you (pass out wands).  If you watch me closely, I will give you hints with the rainbow wands (if needed).

Sing the song through 3 times (always including the 2nd verse) and each time you sing it through, focus on the 3 different areas which are:

1.  This song TALKS about rainbows and rain (each time rainbows/rain are sung, raise your wand in the air).  After you have sung through it, ask why this song is about rainbows and rain.  Discuss how they are like being baptized and repenting. Bear testimony of the blessing of baptism and how we are made clean.  If we make mistakes, we can be clean again by taking the Sacrament and repenting.

2.  This song SOUNDS like rainbows and rain.  Legato (the verses) and Staccato (chorus).  The verses are smooth and connected like rainbows. The chorus is more choppy and disconnected like rain.  Sing the verses legato and move your wands back and forth without breaking.  Then during the chorus, quickly shake the wands for each note as you sing it staccato or choppy.  Make sure to over-exaggerate so they can tell the difference (have the pianist do it too)!  You can also make a "thunderstorm" by making large movements and singing loudly and a "light rain shower" by making small movements and singing softly.  Also discuss breathing using Legato and Staccato.  Try to have everyone sing the whole verse in one breathe and then breath after each note in the chorus.  Afterward, ask which one everyone thinks is easier!

3.  This song MOVES like rainbows and rain.  The song (its pitch) moves like a rainbow and raindrops.  Notice each line in the verses' pitch start low and gradually go higher then go back to low - just like a rainbow.  Then for the chorus, the pitch is disconnected, up and down, all over, just like raindrops.  During the verse, draw a rainbow with your wands going up as the notes go up and going down as the notes go down.  During the chorus, follow the raindrops you drew on the board and with your wand, follow them by moving it up or down.

For Junior:  I'll go through the 3 items but they won't have to figure them out.  I'll simply tell them and we'll move our wands together.

You can download and print my to-go lesson plan HERE and take it to church with you.


Kara said...

This is a great idea. I made rainbow wands a few weeks ago and wanted to do more with them than just wave them around. Thank you so much for the help!

Anonymous said...

I like your idea as well. Can you tell me how long the ribbons actually are and how long it took to get them from haloheaven.com?
Thanks for all you share.

Karen Romney
Lewisville, TX

Camille said...

The ribbons are 16" long and the white plastic sticks are 12". As for shipping, their website says orders are shipped within 5-7 business days. I'm in Utah and if I remember right, I think I received them pretty quickly - like in about 6 - 8 days from placing my order.

I hope that helps - I've really loved them and they were totally worth the investment.


Ashley Hancock said...

I have a huge primary! I have some but I couldn't possibly order one for each child. Do you think it would work to take turns, switching off every other time who gets a wand/using their hand?

Camille said...

I think taking turns would work - you could switch with each verse as you do the 3 different actions twice when you sing each verse. Then the kids without a wand can use their hand or give them a popcycle stick so at least they have something to hold.


Eliza said...

Just to give another idea, I made mine out of variegated rainbow colored yarn. I just cut basic section for each color from the yarn grouped them together and tied them around a small Popsicle stick and then taped (around and above and below the not) them on with white duct tape (for the cloud). They were pretty fast to make and cost somewhat less for those with !!Big!! primary groups. It was just stuff I had on hand. Thanks Camille for the great ideas!

AileenB said...

Thanks for all your wonderful ideas! I also made rainbow wands a little different because I already had rainbow ribbons on hand for my dance classes I teach. I bought rainbow ribbon (grosgrain ribbon with rainbow stripes through it), sewed a loop at one end and attached a metal (or plastic would work) ring to it to hold onto it. I heat-treated the edges so it wouldn't fray. My dancers love dancing around with these rainbow ribbons and I think they'll work perfectly in Primary today. ;-)

Chenille said...

Camille I just can't thank you enough. You have saved me with all your ideas. I'm truly indebted to you. I know it must take A LOT of time to come up with the ideas, but then to post them and all the links...you deserve BIG hugs! Thank you so much!

Cindy Smith said...

You can get the wands at www.dressupwholesale.com