Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weeping Mother

 In lieu of Mother's Day, I thought I'd do the "Weeping Mother" activity to help us practice our musical number for Sacrament Meeting (again, this is the only thing convenient about having Sacrament Meeting last!).

I know she's not much to look at but it's what I'd expect after 20 minutes and using stuff around my  house.  She's made on a foam/mat board using a few markers and crayons.  Then I made a hole in her right eye that would fit my spray bottle:

Then I covered the surrounding area around the hole with packaging tape (contact paper would work too) just so the markers don't run and smear.

Then to use it in Primary, I'll tell the kids that they need to sing really well to make her weep.  The better they sing, the more she cries.  Then I thought I'd let "good singers" come give her a try.  We are singing Love is Spoken Here so I may have a little competition going to see who can get her to cry more - the boys or the girls.

I pulled it out on my own little kids just to get their reaction and they think she's pretty cool!!  I think she will be a hit.

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