Thursday, May 24, 2012

January - May Review

I did this last year for my review Sunday. It worked great and no additional work was involved as I just pulled out all my previous months' singing times and put them into one.  It's always nice when you can use your work over again!  I just want to sing our 5 songs (January - May) in order and I'm going to do what I did when I taught the songs:

January - As a Child of God.  We learned the sign language to this so we'll just sing and sign the song.  Find details HERE.

February - Choose the Right.  I made CTR sticks so when we sing this song, every time we sing "choose the right" we'll hold up our sticks.  Find the sticks HERE.

March - Stand for the Right.  We played the bells when we sung all the "be true" notes so I'll pull out the bells and my music notes.  Find the details HERE.

April - Had I Been a Child.  I taught this using pictures of Christ when he visited America.  Not quite sure how to review this one.  I may just pull out the pictures I used and have kids pass them around as we sing, maybe like hot potato.  Any other fabulous suggestions??

May - When I am Baptized.  I taught this song using the rainbow wands I purchased so we'll sing the song with the wands, waving them like rainbows during the chorus singing legato, then quickly shaking them while we sing it staccato for the chorus. I'll admit, this lesson was SO fun - the kids loved it!  Details HERE.

I hope I can get through it all!!

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