Monday, March 12, 2012

Primary Musical Number for Easter Sunday

In case any of you are in need of any ideas for a song for Easter Sunday, we're singing Had I Been a Child, p. 80-81 in the Children's Songbook. I wanted to do something a little "extra" for the musical number and found my answer last Sunday as we were learning the song.

Part of my lesson plan included reading from the scriptures, 3 Nephi 17: 11-12, 21-25 while the Primary hummed in the background. I called on one of the older Senior boys to do the reading as we hummed. The spirit was so strong and a few of us leaders and teachers got a little weepy.

My pianist suggested we repeat this when we sing in Sacrament meeting for Easter. Fabulous idea, and just what I was looking for! So the Primary will hum while our Primary boy stands at the podium and reads the verses. After he's finished (I think she played through the song about twice as he read), my pianist will go right into playing the introduction of the song and the Primary will then sing the 3 verses.

Really simple, really beautiful!!

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Mary said...

What a good idea! Thank you for sharing it!