Thursday, March 1, 2012

January & February Review

I'm a week behind with having had Stake Conference in February. Sorry this review may not pertain to many of you readers out there!! But I'm taking the first month in March to review our January and February songs. I'm also going to keep it SIMPLE and just try to pass off our February CD Challenge. February's challenge was to count all the "choose"s and "right"s in the whole song on our CD.

So to review, I thought we'd refresh As a Child of God and brush up on our sign language we learned in January - maybe go over it a few times (I know I need the refresher course!!). Find the details on all that HERE.

Then to review Choose the Right I'm bringing our Primary CD (find details on that HERE) and CD player to count those items as we listen/sing along to the CD. Then I'll pass off everyone. I'll probably pass out the CTR sticks I made HERE so everyone can raise their sticks when they hear the words as we count. And just so we can do it a few times, I'll make sure and calculate the wrong numbers so we have to go back and double check ;).

Afterwards I'll pass out my March CD Challenge found HERE and call it good. I don't know about you, but occasionally, I just need to have a super low-key week and keep things REALLY easy!!

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