Thursday, March 15, 2012

Had I Been a Child, vs. 2

We're learning the 2nd verse of Had I Been a Child. Again, I'm taking my lesson plan from the Children's Songbook Companion book (details HERE). I typed up word strips to the 4 questions that I'll post on the chalkboard. We'll sing the song, answer each question and write answers on the board in chalk.

Then we'll do Enrichment idea #2 listed that talks about teaching the kids how to conduct 3/4 time as they sing. I have popsicle sticks that I'll pass out to each child to use as their conducting sticks. For Jr. Primary, we may do some pitch leading as well. If you don't know what pitch leading is, it's really simple and move your hand/arm up or down following the notes of the song. Pitch leading with your heads/bodies is also fun especially for little wigglers! You just move your whole body up or down following the notes.

Last week I had a little extra time with the first verse so we played "Hot 'n Cold" with my note (find what that is HERE). Not very many kids got a turn so I told them we'd try and play a little more this week if we have time again. By looking at my simple lesson plan, I'm sure we will ;).

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