Thursday, March 8, 2012

Had I Been a Child, vs. 1

I'm starting our April program song this week because we'll be singing it in Sacrament meeting the 2nd week in April (right after Conference) for Easter. I'm all about killing 2 birds with one stone - might as well have our April song work for both Easter Sunday and the program in September, right?

I am taking my lesson plans for all 3 verses from Pat Graham's, A Children's Songbook Companion book. I'm adding a little more to the lessons because there's not enough to really fill the whole 20 minutes and I am going to teach one verse per week.

For copyright purposes, I'm not going to post the details of the lesson plan. You'll have to get your hands on a copy of the book. You can find the details of the book HERE. If you picked a different song out of the Children's Songbook for April and need help with a lesson plan, turn to this book - it is a fabulous resource!

When I use lessons from this book, I've found it convenient to photo copy the lesson. Then I hi-light and mark up the page with my notes. It makes for less stuff to lug to church!!

In addition to the lesson plan outlined in A Children's Songbook Companion for the song Had I Been A Child, we'll be listening to the song on the CD instead of using the soloist then I'll ask the Attention-Getter question. We'll then go over and do the 4th "enrichment idea" suggested (over on the left column) and have a Primary child do the reading.

For the first verse, there are several questions to ask with corresponding pictures. I typed word strips that contain the 3 questions to ask. I'll post each on the board one at a time, then we'll sing the verse, write down the kids' answers to the question with chalk and repeat until all 3 questions are posted, answered and we've repeated singing the verse several times.

I've typed up the words to the whole song to help us with the learning (see how I post words HERE). Hopefully by the end we won't be relying on the words but I plan on posting the words in Sacrament Meeting when we sing for Easter - it's just what I do.

Find my lesson plans for verse 2 HERE and verse 3 HERE.

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