Thursday, March 22, 2012

Latter-Day Prophets

If your songbook is outdated (like mine!), make sure to print off the current version HERE from (the PDF downloadable version is updated when you download it even though the viewpage is not).  Then I simply teach some fun actions:

Joseph Smith: make a Book of Mormon with your hands

Brigham Young: drive your wagon team by shaking reins

John Taylor: point to your chest - his life was spared because of a bullet hit his pocket watch

Wilford Woodruff: play a trumpet (he played the trumpet)

Lorenzo Snow: make it ran (his "windows of heaven" story about paying tithing and the rain would come)

Joseph F. Smith: do the hula dance (he served a missioni in Hawaii)

Heber J. Grant: pretend to hit a baseball (he was determined to play baseball and through hard work he made the team)

George Albert Smith: pretend to shake a lot of hands (he made a promise "not to be an enemy to any living soul)

David O. McKay: The "O" is partly for his name, but he loved to play marbles so make a big marble.  There's a story with more details about that HERE.

Joseph Fielding Smith: blow a kiss after you say his name (he loved children)

Harold B. Lee: pretend to play the piano (he loved playing the piano and was good)

Spencer W. Kimball: milk a cow (worked hard on a farm)

Ezra Taft Benson: make the scout sign (he loved scouts and was a great scout leader)

Howard W. Hunter: draw a big pretend heart with your hands (he was sweet and wanted everyone to treat each other better)

Gordon B. Hinckley: arms out for an airplane (he flew all over the world to meet with members and build temples)

Thomas s. Monson: have your hands up and out like holding a large tray being a server (he is always talking about service)

Russell M. Nelson: pretend to ski by holding your poles and jumping from slightly to the right then to the left.  At age 94, he still skis every week with his grandkids!

Here's a quick video I did to help demonstrate:

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Find my cheat sheet HERE with all the actions for each prophet.  I've also handwritten little notes in my songbook so I've always got the actions on hand :).

I keep all the pictures of the prophets (with their names typed up at the bottom) in a binder (you can purchase the pictures from the Distribution Center or download and print them from HERE.

With the exception of the first page, the rest of the book looks like this with none of the extra words:

Check out all of my my General Conference singing time lesson plans HERE.


Jenni Taysom said...

Another option is to sing just the names of the 12 apostles, first name and last name, to the same tune of Books of the Book of Mormon, it takes two times through the tune to fit them all in
Boyd k packer, L Tom perry, Russell m Nelson, dallin h oaks, M Russell Ballard, Richard g Scott of the 12 apostles (then start back over at the beginning of the tune)
Robert D Hales, Jeffery R Holland, David A Bednar, Qunitin L Cook, D Todd Christofferson, Neal L Anderson are the 12 apostles.
This way the kids become familiar with the whole name of each of the apostles. I have done this song with my own children for the past four years and play games of matching the names to the pictures and it relly does make a difference in helping them feel like they know the apostles, rather than that they are just boring old guys that speak to us. has a general conference page with links to each of the apostles with history and information about each of them and we have been reading through those in effort to get to know them even more.
Thanks for your great posts.

Amber said...

This was a link from the February 26, 2016 post. However, the "Living Prophets Song" isn't the updated one. Do I just take out the three Apostles that passed away and add the new Apostles? Or is there an updated version out already? Where can I find that one, please?


Camille Hill said...

Hi Amber!

This is as current as I know, so I'm sorry I'm not more help. I'm going to try to get this updated as much as I can find. If you are needing to use this soon, I'd just try to omit the apostles who have passed away and insert the new ones as best as you suggested.


Amber said...

Thank you!

Jen said...

Thank you! I had been thinking along the same lines, and this helped me finalize my plans! About pictures of the 3 new apostles, I just found their pics on, (under living prophets biographies), clicked on them to save the file and had them printed at a copy place. Hope that helps!

Camille Hill said...

Thanks Jen! I'll definitely check that out!


homealonemom said...

I found the current apostles in a song on youtube. We sing it to the "happy family" song in the primary book. The lyrics are:
Apostle’s song 2016
Thomas S Monson is the prophet we know. Henry B Eyring is the next below, Deiter F Uchtdorf is number three, And that makes the First Presidency.
Russell M Nelson operated on folks, The Supreme Court Justice was
Dallin H Oaks,
M Russell Ballard sold cars, you bet!
And Robert D Hales flew a Flying Thunder Jet.
Jeffrey R Holland is an oft quoted guy, “Don’t you quit!”
David A Bednar changed Ricks to the Y, Quentin L Cook was a high school quarterback, D Todd Christopherson wears suits that are black.
Neil L Anderson grew up in Idaho, Ronald A Rasband testifies that he knows, Gary E Stevenson made treadmill parts, And Dale G Renlund replaced peoples hearts.

There is a pause in the music while you say "Don't you quit!"

The kids love it, we do actions, we've drawn pictures on the board under their names to remind us of the actions, etc.

Also, you can now order just the new three apostles from the distribution center, mine arrived the day after conference. :D I'd printed some off for the song, which we sung for a couple of weeks before conference, to get them familiar to the faces.

I asked them to come back with one thing that the prophet, or an apostle told them to do, we are gong to sing songs that correspond with what they learned this week.

Thanks for all your help.

MegHAN said...

You don't by chance have the little fun fact cards about the 3 new apostles do you?? P.S. You're Amazing! Your gifts and brain save me every week!

MegHAN said...

You don't by chance have the little fun fact cards about the 3 new apostles do you?? P.S. You're Amazing! Your gifts and brain save me every week!

Camille Hill said...

Hi MegHAN,

I've added a link at the very top of this post which links to my most current post. That post has all the current apostles. I hope that helps!


Michelle Sitton said...

Do you have any more pictures of your binder for this song? I’d love to see more if you have any. Do you have the words to the song printed on the other half along with prophets picture? Thanks for your help in this calling!

Camille Hill said...

I've added another image that hopefully helps you. The rest book looks like the 2nd photo without any added words. But you could definitely add them if it would help your primary.


Carolina said...

Oo I like this idea. I'm going to do it i spanish!!