Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 2012 Binder Updated

Today I updated my binder (find my binder details HERE) to get it all ready for a new month:

I swapped out January's Singing Time Schedule for February's (find February's Schedule HERE) and slipped it in the front cover.

I took out the words I typed up for January and filed those in order by page number so I can use them the next time we sing any of those songs.

Then I typed up (or pulled out from my files) all the words of the songs we will be singing this month to include all the opening songs:
(in one plastic cover sheet I placed all the opening songs. The one showing is the one we are singing this Sunday. Then each week, I'll just rotate that week's song to the front)

Next is our birthday song:
(if you haven't learned Feliz Cumpleanos, do's a fun one!)

Then Scripture song:
(I don't know if we'll ever pass this one off, it's difficult!!)

And last but not least, February program song which is Choose the Right.

I also made a copy of Choose the Right from the Hymn Book, three-hole punched it and put it right behind my copy of As a Child of God.

Now I'm organized and set for ALL of next month! Hooray!

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Stephanie said...

I love this idea!! I used it today and it went great. When I made mine I put the title and the page number so it was easier for me.