Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Choose the Right - HELP!

Okay, so I have a general direction of how I want to teach the 1st verse to Choose the Right:

I still want to incorporate my footsteps I used a few years ago (find those HERE). I'll have the footsteps lead up to the chalkboard with my chorus visuals I used 2 weeks ago (find those HERE). Since there are more than 26 words (the number of footsteps I previously made) in the 1st verse I'll just combine phrases. For instance, one footstep will be "choose" and the next will be "the right" then "when" then "a choice" then "is placed" then "before you" and so on.

Anyway, I want to implement a little more with the song...to try to include some teaching moments because I really feel there is a lot more that can be learned than just the words.

So I was browsing the February 2012 Friend and saw this cute CTR matching game:
Details are HERE. I want to somehow implement it with my footsteps but can't get the 2 ideas to mesh...any suggestions?? I was thinking of maybe posting the "choosing the right" options on the board and somehow distributing the counterparts - either around the room, or taped onto footsteps I pass out, etc. but I'm at a loss!

I would like it if I could incorporate the matching into the foot stepping so we'd sing a few steps, find some matches/discuss, step and sing more, match/discuss...but maybe it can't work.

What are your brilliant ideas?? Thank you!!



Shawnalee said...

This is so funny, because i prayed about how to teach or what to do for Singing time. I was lead to find this one. My printer at home isnt working so instead of printing these out i have a hit or miss game. I alterted it to have some misses, some songs that were hits, and some that had a sisituation that they needed to choose the right. It went really well ( I had the SR. Primary) even the teachers got to come up and pick it went very well. But, this just reminded me that how the spirit confirms things to us, and how we are prayerfully lead to know what is right or how we should do a certain concept. This was great to see you were lead to the same thing and what a great testimony builder this was for me today.

Betts Family said...

What if you put the first picture on the first step i.e. (choose the right) and then the matching picture will be on the next footstep phrase somewhere else in the room (when a choice is placed before you). . .this would give you an opportunity to have the child come up and identify the picture and the choice then have them look for the match which will lead them to the phrase. Perhaps have them partner up and talk about how together it's easier to make the choice. Maybe put the matching footsteps/with pictures close enough so that when you match them up they can grab hands and connect themselves until you have a room full of connected footsteps to choosing the right. . .just some thoughts.

Nalani said...

What about placing the "choice" cards face down between the footsteps after each phrase and the matching "right choice" cards around the room on the walls or on the board or give one to each class. Then sing to the end of the first phrase, the child must stop, pick up the "choice" card and make a choice by selecting the right match. You could take a moment to discuss that choice and/or why it is a good choice. Repeat by starting from the beginning of the song with another child stepping on your footsteps and stopping at the next choice. There are 10 matches so you can divide up the "choice" cards between each of the four phrases in the verse and using six cards in the chorus. For example in the verse you would place them after "before you", "guides", "o'er you" and "confides". In the chorus you could place them after "Choose the right!", "Choose the right!", "way before", "In its light", "choose the right!" and "evermore". A great opportunity to get in a lot of repeat singing along with concept teaching in right choices. You could also have a picture of Christ or of heaven posted on the wall at the end of your footsteps showing how making the right choices leads you to your Savior or back home to Heavenly Father.