Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teaching Music by Rote, by Sister Pat Graham, Page 3 (Choose the Right)

I obtained permission from Sister Graham to post her handout here online for those of you who couldn't attend her workshop last Saturday. She hopes her handout makes sense without the demonstration!

The handout is 3 pages which includes general teaching tips and ideas for teaching January and February 2012 songs (As a Child of God andChoose the Right). She referenced us to her A Songbook Companion book for help with the rest of this year's program songs.

You can find out more about Sister Pat Graham by going to her website:

page 3:

CHOOSE THE RIGHT, Hymn 239 February CSMP 2012
Suggested song presentation, Pat Graham; p. 26 CSMP booklet for additional questions, ideas

Message: We will be blessed when we make correct (right) choices.
Materials: dictionary (right, confide);
Key Words: CTR, CTR, wisdom, mark the, way, light, CTR, bless you, evermore

Attention Getter: I am thinking of a word that is the opposite of wrong (right). The dictionary says "right" means anything correct, just or honorable.

When I place a choice before you and the choice is a WRONG choice, raise your LEFT hand. Raise your RIGHT hand if you choose the right.
  1. You choose to say your morning prayer.
  2. You choose to say bad words when you are angry.
  3. You choose to pay your tithing.
  4. You choose to sleep in and miss church.
  5. You choose to obey your mother and be home on time.
Choosing to do the right is not always easy, but we receive blessings when we try. Count HOW many times you hear "right" in this hymn: (6) Must be important!

VERSE Questions:
Who can help guide you to choose the right? (the Holy Spirit)
WHOSE light is forever shining o'er you? (the Holy Spirit)
Did you hear a short way to sing "over"? (o'er) One syllable/one note (pitch)
When can you trust your heart (your feelings)? (When you are in the right).

Discuss the "light of wisdom"--people are in the "dark" until they have knowledge


Invite children to stand in order/post words in order as you sing until correct.

Listen for four words that have two pitches (mark, the, bless, you) [which ones go up and which ones go down?]
[just ignore that the notes for "the" and "you" are backwards - oops and I'm too lazy to go fix it. You get the idea, right??]

Boys sing only "Choose the right" (stand?) Girls sing the rest/switch

Younger children, chorus sing "Choose the right," teachers the rest

Lights on = sing words; lights off = clap rhythm

Testimony: Mor 17:16-17; 2 Ne 2:27-28 I am glad that Heavenly Father gave us agency to make choices, and the Holy Spirit to help us choose the right.


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