Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Staying Organized, Part 3 - Monthly Scheduling

I thought I'd focus my Staying Organized series on how I schedule my weekly singing times. Someone asked this question on Yahoo Groups so I thought I'd share what I like to do.

Obviously I use the songs scheduled in the outline as my guide but I feel there is more to singing time than just drilling to death the 8 program songs - the poor kids get bored (okay, okay, it's mostly me!). I like to be able to incorporate songs around the holidays, seasons, and other events. So my kids may not know EVERY word to EVERY verse in EVERY song in the program, but I'm okay with that. As long as we have fun, learn the gospel, and feel the spirit through music I'm completely happy.

I've mentioned HERE in my Singing Time Schedule that I like to look at my schedule one month at a time. Every month I try to follow this flexible plan when deciding on each weekly singing time activity:
  • Two weeks a month are focused on learning that month's program song
  • One week a month is centered around a holiday, season or event that occurs that month (I won't touch the program song that week at all!)
  • One week a month (usually the last week) I review of all the songs we've learned that year for the program with a review game
If there is a 5th Sunday, I also take that into consideration and adjust my weeks accordingly. And some months, we only have 3 weeks (usually due to General/Stake Conferences). So this way I can plan ahead as needed.

Here's an example of my January schedule:

Week 1: I taught Here we are Together to introduce all the new kids/teachers in Primary
Week 2: Teach As A Child of God vs. 1
Week 3: Teach As A Child of God vs. 2
Week 4: Teach As A Child of God vs. 3
Week 5: Review all the past songs found in past outlines just for fun (since it's January we we've only learned 1 song so far this year) but we'll still sing this year's song during this week's review.

February schedule will look like this:

Week 1: Teach Choose the Right vs. 1 and chorus
Week 2: Do a singing time around Valentine's Day holiday
Week 3: Teach Choose the Right vs. 2 and vs. 3 - Just found out we have Stake Conference that day so guess what? I'm just not going to teach the 2nd and 3rd verses!!
Week 4: Review As a Child of God and Choose the Right with a review game

And so on, through the whole year. The real fun comes when the program is over though and you can do fun seasonal and holiday things for a few months!!

This set up has worked great for me. We learn the program songs but also get to sing a lot of other songs in the songbook as well. Come program time, there are usually a few songs that we still need words for or maybe we didn't get to all the verses but I'm okay with that. I mean, come on, even the Mormon Tabernacle choir gets to use their music when they perform - why can't the Primary?

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Melissa said...

So, do you have a plan for teaching CTR? I'm doing it on Sunday for a stake thing and then for our ward on weeks 4 & 5 (I'm going to have a baby after church on week 5 and take February off. :) think he'll cooperate?) Anyway, I'd love to hear your ideas...

Camille said...

Melissa, I just posted a rough idea of what I may do. I hope it helps!! Good luck, especially with your new baby!!

Emilee said...

I am a brand new chorister for my ward. This is week 2 for me. I love your site you have so many cute ideas. I noticed that you have mentioned a Yahoo Group a couple of times. Could you share the link with me?

Karalee Colton said...

Thank YOU so much for all your great advice and help!!