Friday, January 13, 2012

Primusic on Yahoo Groups

UPDATE:  Since writing this post, the action on Primusic on Yahoo Groups has pretty much moved over to the LDS Chorister's Facebook Group.  If you want most of the current lesson ideas, plans, have questions, I'd definitely suggest joining that group.  You can find details HERE.

Most of you readers probably found my blog from Yahoo Groups. I've failed to mention, however, what Yahoo Groups is in detail to anyone who happened upon my blog by random googling on the Internet (thank you Emilee for bringing this to my attention). Let me explain what this FABULOUS resource is...

Someone (a brilliant someone mind you!) a few years ago created an online group forum through Yahoo Groups where choristers around the world can login and trade lesson plan ideas, ask each other questions, vent, address music issues and teaching techniques with each other. These other Primary Music Leaders are seriously your BEST resource. Their ideas are wonderful, up-to-date as far as program songs go and their advice, help and friendship is virtually endless!

Joining this group is easy and you will be glad you did! Here are the steps to joining:

Go to

Near the top (in green) under the header it says "New to Groups? Sign Up." Click on "Sign Up."

After you create your groups account, you will be able to search and sign up for different "groups" which are online forums that people create who have similar interests...your interest at this time being Primary Music Leaders. This group is called "Primusic."

Once you've signed up for Primusic on Yahoo Groups, you will begin receiving emails whenever anyone posts or comments on this group. I have my Yahoo Groups email settings so I only receive ONE email a day which contains all the comments/posts made on that day. Otherwise, my inbox would be SLAMMED with individual emails and I'd feel very overwhelmed. I also have it so these emails go my other email account that's not Yahoo.

What I like to do with these "Primusic Yahoo Groups" emails is read them every day and collect ideas for my upcoming lesson plans (obviously, I don't use everything or I tweak this and that, or an idea posted leads to something of my own). If there's something that I like or catches my eye, I'll save it somewhere - sometimes as a draft post to this blog, sometimes I'll just move the email to my "Primary" file I created in my email so I can reference it later, or sometimes I'll copy and paste specific information into a Word Document and save it that way. The options are endless. You can also go back to yahoo groups and search for ideas, questions or comments that others have previously posted.

When you do sign up, feel free to introduce yourself to the group by posting! Many wonderful, welcoming Primary Music Leaders will rush to your virtual side for any support or help you may eventually need!

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