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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Children's Songbook Companion

If you are a new chorister and don't have this book, GET IT!! It's not published by the church but was originally intended to be. Our Primary owns a copy - I'd suggest asking if there's money in the budget to buy a copy that will stay with your calling. You can purchase this book on Amazon here:

I speak often of Sister Pat Graham (she usually does a workshop each January so watch for updates from me about those) and she's one of the authors of this book. She also wrote 5 Primary songs in The Primary Songbook and was on the committee that it together. She's an amazing and talented woman when it comes to teaching music to children.

I use lesson plans from this book quite often and try not to infringe on copyright material by not posting specifics about lessons.  So if you ever want to get the full version, you'll need to arm yourself with a copy!


starstruck_texan said...
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starstruck_texan said...

ON the Amazon listing for this book it says that it is only 3.5 inches in height. Is that right, or is it a full-size book?

Camille Hill said...

Hi starstruck_texan!

That is odd - I've got the book and it's full size - 8.5x11. If it were small, I'm sure the comments would reflect that as well.