Friday, January 27, 2012

As a Child of God - January CD Challenge

I can't decide what to focus my singing time this Sunday. I have 3 options:

1. To introduce Choose the Right as we have Stake Conference in February

2. To do a review game I was intentionally planning which would incorporate all the "outline" songs from the past 6 years (only with Sr. Primary...Jr. Primary we'd just sing our Wiggle Worm songs - find those HERE)

3. To review As a Child of God and pass off our January "CD Challenge" with as many kids as I can

I think #3 is going to win out - of the three, it's the least amount of effort involved. The last week of every month I usually like to do a review game and review all the program songs we've learned for the year. Well, since it's January and we've only learned 1 so far, there's not much to review anyway.

Plus, I've had quite a few kids (mostly Sr. Primary) tell me they are planning on performing As a Child of God on an instrument in Primary to complete our January CD Challenge (it's HERE if you don't know what that is). Yay! I want to have ample time for their performances. I've even been practicing this song on the piano so I may start off by performing first...SCARY !! :)

Plus, plus, I have several kids who, I know, will never complete challenges at home. So in effort to try to get everyone to achieve the monthly challenges, I am going to try to get every child to pass off the challenge the last week of each month. So with January's challenge, if kids want to come up and sing As a Child of God as a solo or a duet with me or a friend, they can pass off this month's challenge.

I also figure that March's song is the same one we learned last year so we all know it and I'll only need to quickly review it...I'll just carry February's song Choose the Right into March.

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