Thursday, December 1, 2011

Music CD for Primary

For Christmas this year, our Primary is giving out CD's with 2012 program music on it. Making the CD's fell into my lap. I know a lot of other choristers are probably doing this so I thought I'd share how I made mine...

I selected 36 songs to put on the CD. I know there are only 8 required program songs in the outline but only 8 songs on a whole CD seemed like a waste. So I went through the outline and picked 3 songs for each month that went along with that month's theme. We'll sing the extra songs as the opening songs during that month.

Here's what I picked:

As a Child of God 2012 Outline
Dare to Do Right p. 158
I Am a Child of God p. 2

Choose the Right p. 239
I Need My Heavenly Father p. 18
Hum Your Favorite Hymn p. 152

Stand for the Right p. 159
Latter-Day Prophets p. 134
Follow the Prophet p. 110

Had I Been a Child p. 80
Jesus Once Was a little Child p. 55
Jesus Said Love Everyone p. 61

When I am Baptized p. 103
I Like My Birthdays p. 104
The Holy Ghost p. 105

Nephi’s Courage p. 120
Seek the Lord Early p. 108
The Word of Wisdom p. 154

Every Star is Different p. 142
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man p. 281
Remember the Sabbath Day p. 155

I’m Trying to Be like Jesus p. 78
Listen, Listen p. 107
I’ll Walk With You p. 140

Keep the Commandments p. 146
The Commandments p. 112
Teach Me to Walk in the Light p. 177

The Priesthood is Restored p. 89
Love is Spoken Here p. 190
A Young Man Prepared p. 166

I Want to Be a Missionary Now p. 168
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission p. 169
We’ll Bring the World His Truth p. 172

This Is My Beloved Son p. 76
Beautiful Savior p. 62
To Think About Jesus p. 71
The bolded songs are our program songs that we'll learn this year. I may do a few songs in small groups with the last 3 months of the year but I'll see...I have a little while to decide ;).
Once I decided on what songs to put on my CD, I used iTunes to create my playlist. I own the Primary Songbook on CD which is where I got these songs with the exception of "As a Child of God" and "Choose the Right" which I downloaded from the church's website. You can also download all the songs from the church's website as well.
Then I just burned CD's - one for each FAMILY in our primary (30 for our Primary) and wrote with a Sharpie on the actual CD's "2012 Primary Songs." I bought my CD's at Wal-Mart. The type I got is the CD-R and not the "music" kind as I couldn't get those to burn. Weird. Then I bought jewel cases for the CD's.
For a cover, I made this:
The picture is taken from the Church's Nursery Manual "Behold Your Little Ones" (it's HERE if you need it).
Once cut out around the edges and not down the middle, the cover just folds in half and fits inside the front portion of the jewel case. I made enough copies at the library for each CD (that's why I chose the picture I did - it photo copies well in black and white and it's already church approved!).
And I'm sorry but all I have is a JPEG version of the cover so you may have to create your own. If you can get it to work, please use it though!
Then to dress up the CD, the primary presidency is going to wrap each CD in tulle and tie on some treats (enough for all the primary kids in the family) with ribbon. So a family with 4 kids in Primary would get 1 CD with 4 treats if that make sense.
We'll distribute them the Sunday before Christmas because our stake only has one meeting Christmas Day as I'm assuming a lot of other wards are doing.
My plan is to do some activities using these CD's to help the kids review for the program at home. I'll probably introduce the activities in September...more to come on those.

11 comments: said...

I can't find "As a child of God" on the church website!! Is it up yet?

Camille said...

Try this link and scroll down:

audreyrose96 said...

Thank you for all of your posts and help to make our primary a better place! Our stake primary presidency wants us to teach the children The Commandments song this year. Any brilliant ideas on visual aids for this song? I am ok with senior primary but stressing on how to teach junior primary this song!

Camille said...


There are 2 sources I usually turn to when I need help...

First, Yahoo Groups. I'll do a search using the song title.

Second, A Children's Songbook Companion book. It's green and I reference it quite a bit (Authors are Pat Graham, Mary Gourley, Trudy Shipp & Linda Stewart). I just looked up this song in the book and it has some great ideas. If you don't own it, check and see if your primary would purchase a copy for your ward. It is such a fabulous resource!!

Good luck!

Tamara said...

Hi there - thank you so much for you always helpful hints and especially the outline. Is it possible for you to send me the mp3 file as I can not get it to save from the church website? My email is

Thank you so much!

Edgin Family said...

I can not get the program songs to download from church website either. Can you email me your mp3 files it direct me to where I can? ! Need to burn cds tomorrow ! Thanks

Edgin Family said...

I can not download program songs off Lds website either. Can you send me mp3 files. Can u send me files Need to burn CDs tomorrow. Thanks !

Camille said...

I've emailed everyone that needed help but here's how I do it:

Use this link on the church's website:

Scroll down until you see the list of songs. I right clicked on the song's icon I wanted under "MP3 Music and Voice", then selected "Save Link As" and then saved it to my computer. I just did it and it works fine...I don't know what else to tell you.

Hope this helps.


Aprilyn said...

I wish I had thought that through a bit more before making my CDs. I decided to add some fun arrangements of Primary songs that I have. Someday I might be as organized as you are.

Sabrina Lytle said...

Have you done this for 2016 yet? Would love to see what songs you chose as well as the picture you used! thanks !

Camille Hill said...

Sabrina, I have! Check it out here: