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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Children All Over The World

This week I'm going to teach the kids Children All Over the World.

I'm going to just use the idea posted on Sugardoodle HERE using the Children's Songbook Companion book and posters.  Below are the posters I made. I won't lie, they were kind of a bear to make but that may be just because I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. Since taking these pictures, I've added a little color to each - on each poster I used one marker color and colored one section (so for the Danish one I colored her apron blue, and so on).  Someone on the Chorister's FB group shared a digital file that you can downloa HERE.  Thank you for sharing!  You can also download them HERE if you aren't on FB.

Unfortunately, because I drew them by hand, I have no documents to email or post online.  But please feel free to use the pictures as your guide...







The Songbook Companion also suggests making word cards with the phonetic spellings for "thank you" in the six languages. I put the word cards on strings to be hung around the child's neck when they are holding up their poster costume.

Then while you are teaching the song, there are several questions you can ask to create repetition:
"What do these words mean? [thank you]
"Listen and count how many foreign languages are sung" [6]
Help children practice pronouncing the six words. Sing them several times
"Where are tender voices heard?" [all over the world]
"What do Heavenly Father's children all over the world do at the end of day? [kneel and pray]
What does each child say in his own special way? [thank you]
Who hears them? [Heavenly Father]
What else do we learn about Heavenly Father [ that he knows, loves, and understands the language of every person]

For those with large a large primary, I'd suggest having 6 teachers come up front to hold the posters.  Then have all the teachers stand out of order up front and hang the word-card necklaces on the chalkboard and the kids have to put the right card on the right teacher in the right order.  Put one in order then sing the whole song.  Keep adding until all the teachers are in the right order with their correct word card.

Emily posted on the Choristers FB group digital files you can download and print HERE if you like!


The Mecham Family said...

I've been teaching this song the last few weeks and the kids LOVE it!

Melissa Stapleton said...

I did this today, but printed pictures of these country's flags (and I'm going to laminate them soon to use again). On the back, I put the pronunciation and the kids wore them around their necks. They get to hold up their flag when the song gets to their country. It worked great!

Ronda said...

I made these for teaching the song this Sunday. I used water colors to paint them. It went quickly and they turned out great. The kids are going to love them. Thanks so much for all the great ideas!

Ashley Funk said...

Wow! Those look like a lot of work - but SO cute. You're awesome. I get to sub for a while (chorister is on bedrest), so I'm glad to have all your fun ideas to help me out!

Camille said...

Hey Ashley! Yeah, they were a bit of work but SO worth it - I pull them out every single year and the kids love them. I just need to get them laminated before they fall apart!! I'm happy you get to sub for a while ;).

The Barney's said...

Just got called to be the primary chorister- so nervous as I don't sing well or even know how to lead the music but I've been looking at hundreds of ideas and this is one of the best (and cutest I've seen)! Such a great idea (will be using this idea just before Thanksgiving :) Thanks for sharing!!

anneski said...

Super cute and super talented

Steve and Cyndi said...

Do you leave them black/white or What do you use to color them? Marker? Crayons? paint? etc. Thanks!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Steve and Cyndi!

I ended up using one color on each poster using markers. I colored the flowers purple on the Polynesian girl and left the rest black and white, I only colored the scarf orange on the Spanish boy, etc. It helped a lot without being too much work. I hope that answers your question!


Liz Price said...

Do you sing the whole song each time? Do you use a flipchart or something for the rest of the song? Haha sorry, I've just never heard this song, and I'm excited to teach it!!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Liz Price,

Yes, we sing the whole song each time. I usually post the words for the entire song. You can check out my "Posting Words" tab with more information on how I do that. I hope that helps :).