Friday, October 28, 2011


I was shocked to find out our Primary doesn't know this classic song! So, I thought it would be a perfect after-program time to learn it! I've been throwing a few ideas around in my head on how I want to teach it. I have picked one and decided on...the easy route! But I'll post my other ideas for anyone who's feeling more ambitious than I am this Sunday!

So when I go simple, I always resort to my colored chalk! For whatever reason, kids LOVE to draw on the chalkboard! I purchased a nice set of colored chalk from a craft store. It's a lot nicer than the Crayola colors you get. And the kids really enjoy the variety in the colors. I just have to be careful because it is a little messier. I bring a wet rag so they can wash off their hands when they are finished coloring.

Anyway, I'm going to write the first 2 lines on the chalkboard near the top:

Saturday is a special day.
It’s the day we get ready for Sunday:

Then I'll divide the board into 6 squares and play Pictionary. A child will come and I'll tell them to draw #1 (see below) in the first square. Once it's guessed, we'll sing from the beginning of the song through that phrase. Then we'll move on to #2. For the extra phrasing (i.e. "so we won't have to work until Monday") I'll probably just write in a key word like "MONDAY." Then the whole song will be learned. If we have extra time, we'll gradually erase all the pictures as we sing.

1. We clean the house,
2. and we shop at the store,
So we won’t have to work until Monday.

3. We brush our clothes (we changed it to WASH our clothes - much better!),
4. and we shine our shoes,
And we call it our get-the-work-done day.

5. Then we trim our nails,
6. and we shampoo our hair,
So we can be ready for Sunday!

(For Jr. Primary, I do the drawing while they do the guessing! Maybe I'll let them erase!)

Then here are my other ideas for this song:

Bring props for the 6 things the song talks about. For "brush our clothes" (what is that anyway? Something we don't do anymore because I know I don't!) I was thinking of bringing a lint roller. Then put the items out of order on the floor in a line. Sing the song and one by one get the items in the right order. If you have extra time, mix up the items again and pick maybe 2 kids to come put them in order before the rest of the primary finishes singing the song. Then sing the song again to make sure they are all in order. Then repeat until time runs out.

My other idea was similar to bringing the items but instead you have pictures of everything posted on the chalkboard or have kids holding them. Mix them up and get them in order. Definitely the most work of the 3 ideas!

Anyway, happy singing this week!!


Eliza said...

I totally used this yesterday and the kids loved it! Thanks!!

Sally Jackson said...

Awesome ideas. Thank u!

Unknown said...

Thanks Camille! I'm subbing for a friend who is the Primary Chorister and I needed a fun idea so I wasn't a bore...this is great! =)