Thursday, September 1, 2011

Primary Singo

Our program is the last Sunday in September. We are practicing in the chapel the 2 weeks beforehand so that basically leaves me this Sunday to review. And, since I'm all about not re-inventing the wheel so-to-speak, I'm pulling out my Primary Program Singo cards I made last year! Yay for work already done! You can find them HERE if you are interested.

Since I don't have the whole time and this is a long activity, we'll just recite the 12 articles of faith as they are called instead of sing them (I like to get the words from the library so we can all read along for Sr. Primary). We'll also be cutting ribbons from our ribbon review box. It is going really well!!

And, this year our Primary has 10 songs for the Program instead of 12 as in past years. So I'll just improvise when November & December program songs are called.

When a child gets Singo, I have a bunch of "Good Job" stickers to pass out!

For Jr. Primary, I pass out sheets just to the teachers so they can man them.

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