Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review Activities

I wanted to post 2 simple review activities. As it's almost Program review time, these may be helpful in reviewing your 8 songs in the upcoming weeks!

Here's what I'm doing this Sunday...

Hot 'N Cold:

I made this musical note and laminated it. When we play, I put a piece of tape on the back so it can be stuck around the room.

To play, a child goes out into the hallway. Meanwhile, another child hides the note somewhere in the Primary room. The child in the hallway is called back in. In order to find the note, the Primary sings softer and louder to guide him/her to the note. Loudly being they are close, and softly being they are far away.

I don't know what it is about this activity but the kids love it and will sing any song over and over again until each child has had a turn or you run out of time. So we'll be reviewing our January - July songs on Sunday with this activity.

Here's a second activity that I played with my Primary a few weeks ago...

Word Quing Review:

I picked up a free crown from Burger King and covered it with tin foil, some jewels and the words "Word Quing" (a mix between King and Queen - get it?) Really simple. To store it, I just folded it in half and put it in my files. It has a crease on the sides but it still works ;).

I play 2 different ways with Jr. and Sr. Primary.

For Sr. Primary, I write the words of a song on the chalk board. I pick a child to come be my King or Queen. The child stands so they cannot see the chalkboard. I choose a word from the song and circle it. The Primary then sings the song but the word that is circled, we do not sing. Our King or Queen has to figure out what word we did not sing. Once the word is determined, I erase that word. I repeat with a new King/Queen, new word, erasing until most of the song is erased.

For Jr. Primary, since they cannot read, I just send a child out into the hallway while I tell the rest of the Primary what the word is. I will usually have words on the board for the teachers. But instead of not singing the specific word, we sing it very loudly. Makes it easier for the King/Queen to figure it out. And we repeat until most of the kids have had a turn.


Lindsey said...

I love the Quing idea. Will definitely be using it. Thank you!!

Lee & Peggy said...

Cute! We do a similar game called "Word Nerd." I have one of the kiddos wear nerdy glasses (I use the 3-D glasses with the lens' removed) and tape the word that we will not be singing to the glasses so they can't see them. They look like a nerd wearing the glasses, thus the name. The kids sing the entire song, minus the word on the glasses. Probably my Primary's favorite game of all time!

Celeste said...

Where do you tape the word on the glasses? Right in front of their eyes? This sounds fun! :)

Camille said...

I have the best pair of huge, clown glasses that I'll have to try with this! Thanks for the idea!!


The Bruton Bunch said...

Last week I had a simple spinner game - taped different styles of singing on it : baby, hum, opera, crocodile etc. It was a HUGE hit- especially "opera" w/ the big kids.

Alanna said...

What is it about singing opera? My senior kids love to sing opera "like me". Um...I'm going to take that as a compliment. :) Love the spinner idea!