Thursday, June 2, 2011

Search, Ponder & Pray

For teaching this song, I will be utilizing bits and pieces from A Children's Songbook Companion (find details HERE on this AMAZING resource) along with a lesson sheet that Danielle posted on the Choristers FB page HERE (thank you Danielle!).    I will also be teaching 2 separate lesson plans for Junior and Senior primary.  If your primaries are combined, I'd suggest teaching each lesson on different weeks, starting with the Junior primary lesson plan first.  Cater to each group but on different weeks.

Here's my Junior lesson plan:

Attention Getter: Hold up the scriptures with a word card "TESTIMONY" tucked inside (word card below).

  • Inside my scriptures is a word that describes what you can have if you study scriptures.  There are clues in the song that will help you know what the word is.  Sing the song to the children, or play it on CD.  Open your scriptures and show the word card below.  The word "testimony" means that you know something is true.
  • The song says to "search, ponder and pray" to gain a testimony.  We are going to do some searching to learn this primary song.
Before primary, hang the following pages randomly around the primary room:

Download my documents HERE.

Pass out a "searching" instrument to each child.  It can be an empty paper towel or toilet paper tube (I finally found a use for my collection ;), or a little magnifying glass like these from Amazon:

UPDATE:  Someone suggested flashlights with the lights off and I think I'd go that route or the magnifying glasses instead of the toilet paper tubes.  My kids just wanted to use them as microphones so things just got loud real quick.  But they did enjoy singing through them too!

Sing each phrase and have the children "search" for the matching page.  Once found, place it on the board, gradually putting them all in order.  With each page, ask simple questions that go along with it:
  • What do I love to do? [read the scriptures]
  • What does the spirit do? [helps me to grow my testimony]
  • What do I gain a testimony of? [the scriptures]
  • What must I do to gain a testimony? [search, ponder and pray]
  • What is another word for lead or help? [guide]
  • Where will I feel my testimony grow? [deep inside]
  • How should I read the scriptures? [prayerfully]
  • How often should I read the scriptures? [each day]
  • What will I come to do? [understand]
  • How can I live the Lord's command? [answers vary - go to church, read the scriptures, keep the commandments, etc]
  • How can I live as He would have me do? [answers vary - love and serve others, be an example, be baptized, etc.]

Here's my COMPLETELY different lesson plan for Senior.  My Senior primary is very familiar with this song, that's why I wanted to really challenge them this week since it technically will be a review for them.

Display the following pages on the chalkboard one activity at a time:

(first activity - melody map)

(second activity - phrase chart)

(third activity - decipher code)

(fourth activity - match-up)

Download the pages HERE.  Do the same attention getter as in Junior primary to introduce the song.  Move on to the pages on the board starting with the first activity, the melody map.  Hum the melody and see if they can fill in the blanks using the correct words.  This one should be easy (it's the last phrase in the song: "I know the scriptures are true").

Move on to the second activity, the phrase chart  See if they can figure it out.  Have the piano play while everyone sings (if they are familiar with the song).  This is a phrase chart (only for the verses - it does not include the chorus).  The first line is the first phrase, the second line is the second phrase and so on.  Notice how the 3rd phrase has different phrasing.  Move your arms to mimic the phrases as you sing the song.

Move on to the third activity, deciphering the code.  See if they can figure out the code (what the various colors represent).  See if you can do it before I tell you ;).  Each dot represents a word in the song.  The yellow dots are all the words referring to "me" including "I" and I'll".  The red is "love" and "heart" the blue dots are all the words that start with "S" and the green are the words that refer to Christ.  Sing the song to check answers.

Then the last activity, the scripture match-up.  The scripture references are all out of order and need a line drawn to their matching phrase (which are all in order).  Draw a line from the scripture to the correct phrase.  Quickly discussing each phrase and the scripture once a match is found.  Sing the phrases after each one is matched up.  The very last page is an answer key - which I most likely will need to reference ;).


4 Nuts In A Basket said...

I love the plans you come up with!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I did catch an oops though, on the 3rd deciphering sheet, the second to last dot should be yellow (live as he would have ME do). I just colored it in after I printed it. Thanks again for sharing, you are a million times more creative than I am!!

Camille Hill said...

Hi 4 Nuts In a Basket!

Thanks for catching that - I just knew that I'd miss something on that one!!


Allanna Jackman said...

I was wondering where you got your pictures from? I have a lady in my ward that was just called as an early morning seminary teacher and she is looking for some resources.