Thursday, May 19, 2011

Praise to the Man, Week 3

This week I started a lesson plan then my family decided to go out of town. My sub wants to do her own thing so this is only half done. If it can help someone out though, great...

Most of these ideas again were taken from Pat Graham's workshop a few months ago.

For Sr. Primary:
Bring the envelopes with the "key words" from my week 2 post. You will only need one envelope per verse.



Bring these definitions to the key words (You'll need to finish defining them, sorry. If someone does define them, would you post in the comments to help someone else out?):
vs. 1:
praise: honor
communed: talked
Jehovah: Jesus
Anointed: set apart
Prophet & Seer: speaks with God
Last Dispensation: divinely appointed time

Hail: to cheer, salute
Ascended: go upward
Traitors: a person who betrays
Tyrants: any person in a position of authority who exercises power oppressively
Vain: without effect or avail
Mingling: to unite
Conquer: defeat

vs. 3:

Before primary, write out a short definition for each word on the chalk board, in order. Leave space to hang up the "key words" above each definition. Only post the chorus definitions once.

Pass out a "key word" to the Primary. Make sure they are out of order (omit the fermata, "stairs" and chorus for the 3rd verse). You may want to do one verse/envelope at a time depending on how many kids you have.

Tell the primary you have the song written out on the board and you want them to sing along! Try singing your definitions you wrote out just for fun. Then tell them you need help with the actual words. You posted the definitions and the kids have the key words.

So read the first definition. The Primary child who has it comes up and tapes it above the definition. Complete each phrase this way. After each phrase's key word is hung up, sing the phrase until the song is completed.

If time permits, do some pitch leading with their heads (I've described it below).

For Jr. Primary:
Pat Graham suggested the following:

"Sing each phrase slowly several times and then invite children to echo you. Reasons to repeat: clap rhythm of melody, *pitch lead [with their heads], march in place. Color picture of Joseph Smith while you sing many times (FRIEND, April 2008, p. 35)."

*Sister Graham demonstrated pitch leading with heads and it was really fun. I actually did it last week with the Jr. primary as we sung the chorus and it was a hit! As the notes of the song go up or down, your hand goes up or down. As your hand goes up or down, the kids follow you by having their bodies move up and down by standing on their tip toes or bending down.

Someone on Yahoo groups mentioned a "Roller Coaster" similar to the pitch leading. The same idea but a great visual.

Anyway, good luck this week. Next week I have the whole time so I'm reviewing January - May songs.


Jenna said...

I've been wanting to do a definition activity but nothing too complicated--this seems perfect! Thanks!

Karen Scoffield said...

I decided on my own yesterday to pretty much do this same thing. are the words and definitions I came up with:
vs. 1:
praise: honor
communed: talked
Jehovah: Jesus
Anointed: set apart
Prophet & Seer: one who speaks with God
Blessed: highly favored
Last Dispensation: divinely appointed time
Extol: praise
Revere: respect

Hail: to cheer, salute
Ascended: go upward
Traitors: a person who betrays
Tyrants: harsh ruler Vain: without success
Mingling: to unite
Brethren: a plural of brother
Conquer: defeat

vs. 3:
Great: superior or powerful
Glory: reward
Endless: never ending
Priesthood: authority or power of God
Keys: priesthood authority
Faithful: believing in things which are not seen which are true
Kingdom: with God
Crowned: rewarded
Midst: surrounded by