Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Activity

For mother's Day I'm going to to tweak the activity I did last year found HERE. It worked well but it was a little difficult for the Jr. Primary. So this year, I think this will better suite them. I'm sure Senior Primary will enjoy it as well.

Any Mother's Day song will work for this activity. Sing one or a few, it doesn't matter.

Bring a basket full of "mom" items (see the list in the link above).

The activity will run similar to "hot potato."

Pick a "mom." Either a primary child (boy or girl), or you could honor your primary president, or find someone's mom to come in. I suppose you could have yourself be the "mom." Make it as simple or as extravagant as you like.

Pick a primary child to come get an item from the basket and have them go sit back down with the it.

Start your song with everyone singing and have the item passed along to each child. Have the pianist randomly stop. Whoever has the item has to tell you the next word. If they can do it, they can come "dress mom" with the item. If they can't tell you the next word, the item continues to get passed around until the pianist stops again and someone else can do it (I'll be real lenient with Jr. Primary, maybe have everyone tell me the next word).

Repeat until your "mom" is "dressed" and your song(s) are well learned.

You may want to have a practice round before you actually do the activity and have words posted. That way if they are singing an unfamiliar song, they have a little help beforehand.

You could also do this as teams - Sr. Primary may like that. Boys vs. girls, January-June birthdays vs. July -December birthdays, etc. Each team picks a mom, each team gets an item to pass and when the music stops, the first kid on the team who has the item and gets the next word correctly gets to dress their mom. The mom with the most items at the end wins.

If you can think of more items, please post them in the comments! I'd love more items that can be worn and not have to be held. Makes for a funnier dressed mom!

Happy Mother's Day!


Jenna said...

this sounds awesome. This Sunday is my first day as chorister so this would be a fun way to kick it off! Thanks for the idea!

Rachel said...

This was fun today! I modified it with Jr primary so it wasn't competitive or "hot potato" style (I've done that before and they get too distracted trying to pass that they don't sing) so I just let them choose something from the basket and if they could all answer what word came next when the piano stopped, I let them dress the mom (our primary president). They loved it and didn't mind singing the same song 8 times in a row! In Sr. I made it a competition between the 2 sides of the room and they had to answer the next 2 words (1 word per team) to get their item on the mom. They all loved it, thanks for the idea.