Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review Dice

I actually reviewed last month with these and am now just posting them...but these will work for any reviewing, any time. And I must say, the kids LOVED them.

I made 2 dice using 2 poster boards. They measure about 9x9x9 inches. Here's how I cut into my poster board:
I did try to go the easy route and buy boxes from the post office that were 8x8x8 but I couldn't find any so this was what I resorted to. If you have better luck at the post office, I'd recommend that. But these weren't too bad (a reader also commented that they found styrofoam cubes at the craft store). I just taped the edges really well so when it was the 3-year old's turn to roll it and it ended up being chucked, it wouldn't fall apart.

Then I just taped my songs/pictures to the top of it with scotch tape. They come off so I can put whatever I want on these dice and use them over and over again for future use.

UPDATE:  You can find a document I created HERE with the 6 images.  They are a bit pixelated, sorry.  You can also find more ways to sing with images HERE (thank you OCD Primary Chorister!).

One dice is what song to sing and the other dice tells you how to sing. I got my pictures from searching the Internet. Here's what I came up with:

Swimmer: Plug your nose while you sing (that was pretty funny!) and swim with your other arm
Cowboy: Sing with some nice "twang" and put your thumbs in your pocket while you kick the dust. Make sure to start and end with a "yee haw!"
Opera Singer: Spread out and be very flamboyant with your arms. Lots of vibrato and loud singing.
Drill Sargent: Everyone stands at attention while they sing. No smiling, laughing giggling. You walk back and forth looking for anything out of place. Start and end with a "yes mam!"
Granny: Wiggle your throat with your hand to make your voice shake. Bend over and pretend to have an aching back.
Police Officer: Make stop and go signs on sticks (below). You direct "traffic" and tell everyone when to stop and start singing.
To store these, I simply cut the tape and flattened them to fit into my files.


Daniel said...

I LOVE this idea, thank you for sharing your talents!!

Rob and Sara said...

Cute! I love the drill sargent and granny! I've never used those ones before. Thanks for sharing!

Paula -- CutieFruity said...

I've been trying to gather a list of singing styles. We do them a lot with a set if dice when we have extra time to practice the song we learned. Some of these are new to me!

Margo Hammeren said...

Cute, Cute, CUTE! Would you be willing to post your files with the pictures?

Debi said...

I found some styrofoam squares at Michael's crafts that I use for my dice. I used clear packing tape to cover them and then can just tape on the songs and singing styles when I need to change them out. The kids DO LOVE dice!

Natalie said...

I bought some large foam dice on and taped the pictures to them. Also, your pictures were perfectly pixelated for my 2.5 inch dice. Thank you for all that you do! Your blog has saved my sanity!