Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If I Listen With My Heart - for Jr. Primary

In the 2011 outline in the back under "How to Use Music in Primary" found HERE there is a section that says "Involve the Children." It lists an idea that I used last Sunday that worked really well for the Jr. Primary. It says:

"Before singing “If I Listen with My Heart,” give each child a paper heart and ask them to write “Listen” on one side and “Hear” on the other side. Explain that these words are repeated several times in the song. Ask the children to show the correct side of the heart when they sing that word."

I downloaded these hearts from lds.org HERE and printed them on red paper.  I then glued the 2 hearts back-to-back on a stick.

So we just went over the short chorus of the song a million times because it says "listen" and "hear." I called up a child to come up front and help us with the task. Everyone got a turn. They loved having something to hold.

Then this week, I think I'm going to bring pictures that correlate to the words in the 1st verse (Christ with children, Christ walking, a child reading the scriptures, another picture of the Savior) and we'll point (using our heart sticks of course!) to the right picture that matches it. Maybe I'll eventually scramble the pictures so they are out of order or I'll move them around the room so the kids have to turn around and point, etc.

I'm convinced that the best thing to do for young kids is give them something for their little hands to do. Either actions or something to hold.

Find my lesson plan for teaching for Sr. primary HERE and teaching the 3rd verse HERE.

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The Mecham Family said...

How I wish I had seen this post when I taught the song on the 1st Sunday.. (stake conf. this past week)... I will for sure try and copy this for this week. THANK YOU!!!!! You.Are.Amazing!