Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pioneer Walk

For Pioneer Day weekend, I'm planning a "Pioneer Walk" which will run very similar to a cake walk. Any of the songs in the songbook about pioneers will work for this activity.

Take the 26 footsteps made HERE and number them 1 - 26 with a marker (if you have more children in primary you may want to make more).

Make caller cards numbered 1-26 (or up to how many footsteps you use). I made these below on card stock and cut them out (pictured above). Feel free to copy and paste them to make your own if it will work! Then I put them in a bag.

Post the words to the songs you sing like I do HERE and/or play the songs on CD.  These songs will most likely be unfamiliar (which is great!) but unless you want to be up singing a solo, I'd recommend posting words and using the songs on CD.  If all the kids do is listen to the songs, I'd still call it a success but encourage everyone to try and sing along.

Here's what we'll be singing:
Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked p. 214
Little Pioneer Children p. 216
To Be a Pioneer p. 218
The Oxcart p. 219
The Handcart Song p. 220
Covered Wagons p. 221

Place the footsteps randomly around the room in a large circle with the numbers facing up.  Have all the kids go stand on a footstep. Play your song(s) and randomly stop.  Call out a number and the child standing on that number gets a piece of "pioneer" candy.  I opted for salt water taffy but anything will work!  Put your calling number back into the bag and repeat until all the kids have had a piece of candy and your song has been sung SEVERAL times!

If the kids think they did a lot of walking, tell them the pioneer children walked thousands of miles to get to the Salt Lake Valley!


The Conductor said...

Thanks for posting this, Camille. We did something very similar to this last year and the kids LOVED it. I appreciate you sharing the footsteps and caller cards you made!

The Mecham Family said...

I had something else planned, but yours sounds more fun! I think I'll try yours!
One question- are you going to do anything to make sure every child gets candy? Or just luck of the draw, if they get some, they get some?

Camille said...

With the candy I'll just make sure everyone walks out with 2 pieces - I'll limit it so you can only win twice to make it fair.