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Friday, July 2, 2010

Come Follow Me

I have a more current lesson plan for teaching this song HERE if you like.


Make 26 footsteps found HERE by printing in various colors of card stock. Cut them out and laminate.

Write in dry-erase markers the 26 words found in "Come Follow Me" (first verse) on each of the footsteps. I like to use the dry-erase markers so I can use these for other games/activities

UPDATE: The dry erase will come off during the activity...I've been told that you can use a Sharpie marker then wipe them off with either Magic Eraser or rubbing alcohol (although I haven't tried it).  What I've found that works is I cut out each word and tape them onto the laminated footstep using packaging tape (it peels right off when I'm done).  I cut out the words from HERE:

(if you're wondering what the writing is behind the words, it's numbers that I've written in Sharpie marker for other games - mostly my Pioneer {Cake} Walk found HERE).

Bring a picture of Christ to Primary and place it up front somewhere.

Pass out footsteps to the primary kids randomly.

Call out the first word (which is "come"). The child with the first footstep places it at the back of the room. He/she will then step on the footstep as the rest of the Primary along with the piano sings the first word, singing as they step.

Call out the second word (which is "follow"). The child with the second footstep places it next to the first footstep like it is "stepping". He/she will then step on both footsteps as the rest of the Primary along with the piano sings both words, singing as they step.

Repeat until all 26 footsteps are placed and you are eventually led up to the picture of Christ.  Define words/phrases as needed.

More activity ideas for future weeks using the footsteps:
The next week put all the footsteps in order, leading them up to Christ (exactly how the kids placed them the week before). Pick children randomly and they get to choose the rhythm of the song by how they step on the footsteps. So if they step on each quickly, each word will be sung quickly. Or if they step quick, quick slow, slow, etc...that's how you sing each word. Each word matching as they step (does that make sense?) The more strangely they step, the better!

It may help if the piano just plays the top hand melody to help match with the stepping!

Stay tuned and I'll post an activity using these same footsteps for a fun Pioneer singing time around the 24th weekend!

*Thank you to Primary Singing Ideas for the footsteps clip art!


Likely said...

great idea! I think I will use it!

April and Jason said...

great idea!!!!!

Jacqui Johnson said...

You are a lifesaver! Thank you :)

Vera said...

I used this idea last week and it went really well. We had a lot of fun trying to "follow" the person stepping on the footsteps. I was planning on doing the same for the next verse, but am hoping to come up with another review idea to go with it. Thanks for your post.

teryl said...

What a fun idea! TFS

Rachel Smith said...

Another awesome idea Camille! FYI- you can use a 'wet' erase marker to write on the feet and it will stay on until you clean it with a wet paper towel. I bought mine at walmart. They are near the dry erase, but they are called
EXPO Vis a Vis and in small print it says wet erase marker. Thanks for the great idea! Can't wait to use it tomorrow. :)