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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Would You Rather Review

This week I'll be reviewing our January and February program songs (Jesus Once Was a Little Child and Baptism) with a FUN and SIMPLE game of Would You Rather that was suggested HERE:

This activity will work with any song and rules are simple.  Before primary, write "Would You Rather" at the top of the chalkboard.  To play, simply hold up a card (or read from the list) that has 2 options and kids can choose which one they would rather do.  Then quickly and quietly they move to a side of the room according to their selection.  Once there, sing one verse, chorus or phrase of your song(s).  You can either have the entire primary just sing or point to half of the room and have them trade singing as you point (the latter option might work better for Sr.).

If you don't want kids moving around, it might work for one group to face the back wall and the other group face the front wall.  But don't quote me ;).

I have a simple list HERE you can easily print and read from.

Or if you would rather (see what I did there?!), I created these simple cards HERE to visually help the kids pick a side (if they have trouble deciding, they can just stay where they are).  There are 10 pages to print and cut in half.  After you have read them, hang them on the chalkboard.

A HUGE shout out to everyone for your suggestions!  You can find all of the suggestions in the comments HERE if you want more ideas!  Also, a list was shared HERE for even more!

Monday, February 18, 2019

March 2019 Singing Time Schedule

See how I use my singing time schedule HERE!  Then download an editable and printable version of the below information HERE or use my March 2019 Singing Time Planner found HERE.

I've chosen to teach Tell Me the Stories of Jesus for this month (more details coming!).  It it helps, I've got a lesson plan for I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus HERE.  Also stay tuned for a lesson plan for Did You Think To Pray.

Okay...on to my March schedule!

Singing Time Schedule
March 2019

March 3rd:
Welcome Song: Friends Are Fun p. 262
Opening Song: The Books in the New Testament p. 116
Scripture Song: I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus p. 78
Lesson Song: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus p. 57 vs. 1

Lesson Song Details: Lesson plan coming soon!!  I'm envisioning kids sitting on the floor around me as I read to them a big story book entitled "Stories of Jesus." It starts out blank with flip chart pages scattered around the room and good singers can help me put the book together as we read and sing it.

March 10th:
Welcome Song: Friends Are Fun p. 262
Opening Song: The Books in the New Testament p. 116
Scripture Song: Did You Think To Pray? Hymn #140
Lesson Song: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus p. 57 vs. 2 & 3

Lesson Song Details: Continuing on with the previous week's lesson plan with my big book! More to come!

March 17th:
Welcome Song: Friends Are Fun p. 262
Opening Song: The Books in the New Testament p. 116
Scripture Song: I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus p. 78
Lesson Song: Jesus Once Was a Little Child p. 55, Baptism p. 100, Tell Me the Stories of Jesus p. 57

Lesson Song Details: Review all the songs we've learned for the year with a St. Patrick's Day theme - Dancing Leprechaun Shoes.  Check out this fun video HERE.  More details coming!  You can also check out my St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt HERE that is always fun too!  I've updated all the documents so you can simply write in any 4 songs you want to sing/review!  EASY!

March 24th:
Welcome Song: Friends Are Fun p. 262
Opening Song: The Books in the New Testament p. 116
Scripture Song: Did You Think To Pray? Hymn #140
Lesson Song:  I Feel My Savior’s Love p. 74

Lesson Song Details:   With General Conference next month, and 5 Sundays this month, I'm going to get a jump start on our April song.  Lesson plan coming soon!

March 31st:
Welcome Song: Friends Are Fun p. 262
Opening Song: The Books in the New Testament p. 116
Scripture Song: I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus p. 78
Lesson Song:  Latter-Day Prophets p. 134 & The Living Prophets Song

Lesson Song Details: General Conference themed singing time.  I might incorporate this General Conference activity from the Friend HERE somehow.  But I've got my annual go-to HERE you can also check out.  More to come!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Continuing on with Teaching Baptism, He Sent His Son OR I Will Follow God's Plan

For me, it's back to teaching program songs this Sunday.  I'll be teaching the 2nd and 3rd verses to Baptism with my lesson plan found HERE.
(I'm proud to say I've lost a little weight since this picture was taken but not proud enough to bother taking a new photo!  Besides, it's winter in my backyard right now...no thanks!)

If you missed my lesson plan for the 1st verse, find it HERE.
(And my little miss featured here is now 9!  Holy smokes!)

If you are continuing on teaching the 2 other suggested songs this month, I have a review activity for He Sent His Son HERE using my review necklaces: 

or HERE for putting the "feeling" into He Sent His Son.

Find my original lesson plan for teaching He Sent His Son HERE in case you missed it.

And then a review activity HERE for I Will Follow God's Plan.

My original lesson plan for teaching this song can be found HERE.

I hope this helps everyone no matter your song choice!!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Susan Fitch Needs YOUR Input!

I just saw over on Susan Fitch's blog HERE that she is looking for input to help music leaders with the new Come Follow Me curriculum.  She's offering to give anyone a free Baptism song kit (when it's complete) to whoever leaves a comment with suggestions!

Susan never disappoints so why don't we all hop on over to her website and help her out so she can turn around and help us all out!!  She's even got a freebie design of these cute Activity Day girls.  Isn't she great??

If you want to see how I've used Susan Fitch's illustrations in my singing time lesson plans, you can scroll through all of my posts HERE.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Love-Your-Neighbor Adventure

It's time to take a break from program songs and bring in a little extra LOVE to singing time...

The March 2017 Friend had this FANTASTIC Love-Your-Neighbor Adventure game HERE which I easily converted it into a Valentine's Day singing time activity!  You'll be singing LOTS of a variety of songs so make sure to post the words (see how I do that HERE) and you can also sing along to the songs played on a CD if you need extra support!

I resized the game board so it will print as a 20x30 so you can have it printed at Costco!  Download the JPEG HERE.  I've also got the PDF HERE if you go with another printer.  If you want to print it at home, I have a tiled version HERE that prints on 8 sheets of paper (I'd recommend card stock, laminating then either mounting on a poster board or taping it together).  If you really want to simplify, recreate the game board on the chalkboard and just print the game cards and markers below!

Then with each card, I assigned a song that went along with the suggested scenarios:

Download my document HERE that includes the songs I added.  I also have a blank one HERE in case you want to write in different songs.  Print and cut these out, fold them in half with the words facing out, and either tape them closed or laminate them.

These are simple game markers I created that you can print out on card stock, laminate (optional) and either attach a magnet to the back (tape will work too) or you can just put a magnet on top while you play.
Download this document HERE.

To play, simply follow the instructions on the game board:

Each player chooses a small object to use as a game marker. Roll a dice to move. When you land on a question mark, choose a card from the pile. Read the question. What would you do? Then flip the card over to read what the prophet and apostles teach and then sing the song. With the person sitting next to you, act out what you would do or say then sing the suggested song:

Here's a list of the songs:

I Want to Live the Gospel p. 148
Hum Your Favorite Hymn p. 152
Keep the Commandments p. 146
Love One Another p. 136
The Word of Wisdom p. 154
I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus p. 78
Listen, Listen p. 107
Kindness Begins with Me p. 145
Remember the Sabbath Day p. 155
We Are Different p. 263
Repentance p. 98
Choose the Right Way p. 160
Every  Star Is Different p. 142
I Am Like a Star p. 163
Fun To Do p. 253

Play in small teams (up to 4 using the markers I created) or just play with 1 marker as a whole primary!

I'll be bringing in one of my big foam dice (but regular dice will totally work!).  Find more details on where I got these HERE.

I absolutely LOVE bringing in The Friend into singing time!!  You can also scroll through all of my other Valentine's singing time posts HERE.

Also, make sure to check out what I have for the rest of the month of February HERE.

Friday, February 1, 2019


This month, I've teaching the song Baptism (I chose this one only because it's been the longest since this song was taught in primary).  You can find my lesson plan HERE.

I've also got lesson plans for the 2 other song choices this month (He Sent His Son or I Will Follow God's Plan) linked HERE.

Also linked above are lesson plans for Valentine's Day and review activities.  Then stay tuned for a new Valentine's Day lesson plan I'll be posting next week using the Friend from a few years ago!!  It's going to be another great month in singing time!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Mirror the Savior Review Activity

This week I'll be reviewing Jesus Once Was a Little Child.  But this activity will work with any other song choice you've chosen...

First, we'll be reviewing the actions we learned to this song HERE using scarves.

Then to bring in some variety, I thought I'd do an activity similar to what Sharla Dance suggests here in her Mirror Image activity:

Tell the kids that they are going to pretend to be mirrors and should mimic all the movements you do with your hands.  Demonstrate simple actions like in the video above.  Sing the song as they mimic you (with or without scarves).

If you want more ideas for movement, try these cards:

You can find and download them HERE.  Flip through each action with every phrase of the song.  The kids repeat the action over and over until a new one is demonstrated.

Tell them that the Savior commanded us to follow him, just they way a mirror follows or reflects our movements.

Next, challenge the kids to create their own "mirrors."  Pair the kids together.  If you have Jr. and Sr. together, put an older child with a younger child.

Have each pair take turns being the leader and the other person being the follower or "mirror" every time you repeat the song.  They can create their own movements for the other person to follow.

At the end testify to the kids that we should always try and "mirror" (or follow) the Savior's example.

Make sure to check out what I've got planned for next month HERE.