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I'm Camille and welcome!

I've been a Primary Music Leader since 2008 in 2 states and 3 different wards.  I've petitioned for this calling in each ward and received it every time (I'm guessing it's hard to fill)!  It's definitely my favorite place to be on Sundays.  If you are not quite feeling the same way, you have come to the right place - I'm here to hopefully help you LOVE this calling!!

I've come to enjoy sharing my testimony with Heavenly Father's sweet kiddos each week through music.  Not only that, I get to interact and teach all 5 of my own kids in primary (and make sure they are behaving)!  If you notice, we are the only person to teach EVERY Primary aged child, EVERY Sunday!  Pretty amazing!  But that can be a lot of pressure to have a lesson each week geared toward the brand new nursery 18-month old up to an eye-rolling, almost 12-year old.  But that's where I come in...

My main goal with this blog is to post my weekly lesson plans so other choristers can simply implement them into their own primaries.  I also try to post my upcoming monthly agendas (aka "Singing Time Schedules") and other random items that may pop up with this calling. If you like, you can "Follow by Email" by adding your email address over on the right so you won't miss any posts.  I've also organized all my posts with various "Labels" to help you easily find material.  Find those labels also to the right.

At the top of my website are several "tabs" I've created (that apparently you have found if you are reading this!) that I feel can be very beneficial to you.  If you are new to this calling, I'd recommend my "New Choristers" tab.  My favorite tab is "Music in Nursery."  My most useful tab is probably "Posting Words" as I can't tell you how many times it has saved me from singing solos!  The "Song Index" tab is to help you quickly look over what lesson plans I have posted throughout my blog organized by song titles.  The "Review Activities" tab is a compilation of simple review activities that can be easily implemented with any song.

If you are a fellow Primary Music Blogger, send me a link to your website and I'll get you added to my list of other chorister blogs to help get the word out - there's nothing better than sharing resources!

So, take a look around and if I can be of further assistance, contact me by completing the little form ALSO over on the right hand side of my blog or by leaving a comment anywhere, anytime and I'll try to respond as soon as I can.  Hopefully there's something here that can help with your awesome calling!

Happy singing!!



Eliza said...

odd place for questions, but I couldn't think of a better place to put it:) do you have any good ideas on how to teach feliz cumpilanos? I want my kids to learn it, but it seams a bit tricky with the languages. and not spend a whole singing time on it?
Anything would be helpful

Camille said...

Hi Eliza,

You can comment anywhere and I'll find it - we sing this in Primary and I've never taught it - I just belt it out with the words posted. The kids are still slowly getting it but it's definitely coming along. I did just pull out "A Children's Songbook Companion" book and there's a pretty simple way of presenting the song there. I don't want to infringe on copyright otherwise I'd just give you the whole lesson plan. But in a nutshell, there are cards with Happy Birthday written in the languages along with a picture of children dressed in that country. You pass them out randomly and try to have them put back in order - repeating the foreign words. I hope you have a copy of this book! They go in way better detail than I just have!

Good luck!


Diane Haggart said...

Hi Cammile,
I had to laugh because I have just been called to this postion in West Utah and don't know how to read music at all I do sing well because I have been in primary more than 20 years teaching which I do very well . ((But What was HF thinking singing time.))) Poor kids here have gone though 3 singing teachers in 6 months . They did a ward boundry change and since that time we have had 3 singing teacher. I do not want to be the 4 gone. So I am looking for all the help I can get and to know what really expected from me and I want the kids to love to come to Primary cause its so fun.
We do have some problems though many of the Children have AD,control problems and hearing problems and a very large primary. Not including a very large nursery with 10 children. So I am looking for stuff to entertain them as well as let them learn and keep problems down. Libiary won't let us look at Sister grams notes. I would have gone had I had this calling then.:(
I also used to go to the Sherman Oaks ward in So Califoria when hubby and I lived there in the 90's was a great ward.
I would be great if you can steer me to any fun stuff to help the kids
Thanks so much Sister Haggart

Christie Lewis said...

Hi, Camille! I am doing a Sharing Station at the upcoming BYU Women's Conference on Primary singing time. I am compiling a list of seasonal ideas & was wondering if I could use your St. Patrick's Day treasure hunt. I would of course provide you as the source & a link to the post. Please let me know if I have your permission &/or if you have any questions. My email is www.christielynnlewis@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

Christie Lewis said...

I forgot...I also would like to share you "Doubles" dice game. Thanks!

Camille said...

Christie, I emailed you and never heard a reply back. I just hope you got my email. The answer is yes of course...I'm totally flattered! I also wanted to tell you that I have a Pioneer Day activity posted on the blog that was really popular if you're looking for things for Pioneer Day. It's the one that's combined with sharing time and includes making butter.


Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy said...


Your blog awesome; thank you for all your cute ideas and posts that I've been able to use to help my toddler learn more of the primary songs at home. You're amazing!

I just created a Book of Mormon Stories book for Toddlers and small children and wondered if I could send you a free copy to review on your blog? You do such a great job and I'd really value your opinion. Let me know what you think. Thanks again!


Jessica Christiansen

Camille said...

Hi Jessica,

I can't figure out how to contact you. I've just added a "Contact Me" form above. Would you mind sending me your information there so we can communicate via email?


Laura Henckel said...

I can't submit information on the Contact Me form. I'm not sure why. I'm sure it's because I am web illiterate. Anyway, I have a planner I would like to share:

I have just posted my yearly planner. The direct link to the google docs document is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B27MQYRIn4kNbjg1Y3R1M0V0N0E/view

The link to my blog post is: http://wouldyouliketosingasong.blogspot.com/2014/11/would-you-like-yearly-planner-for-2015.html

And as always, you are AWESOME! Thanks so much for all the work you share with us!

Laura Henckel said...

Here is the link for my updated version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B27MQYRIn4kNU0x6SnhhWDh4aGs/view?usp=sharing

(I did change the link on my blog post)

My Shell said...

Hi Camille! Your site is amazing, and super helpful. I've found a number of KISS (keeping it simple silly) ideas from you. Thanks! I'm wondering if you've ever experienced a little resistance from older kids, and how you engage them without singling them out? You can email me directly at: michellemunson@gmail.com

Christine said...

I'm a new primary chorister and I am not crafty or imaginative. I love the sites, like yours, that make it so easy for me to prepare for singing time. I was wondering if you know of a link that has clip art that relates to the words to the primary songs. Instead of just putting up the words, I want to put up pictures.

Camille Hill said...

Hi Christine!

I'm guessing you are referring to flip charts...pages that have pictures and words on them. I don't use flip charts very often so I don't create any myself. But if I do, my go-to website is probably jollyjenn found here:


I hope that helps! If not, let me know :).


Kallee said...

Camille, first off...you are amazing and I would be lost without your creativity and ideas. Thank you!! I would like to attempt teaching the primary kids Christmas Bells are Ringing. How do you teach the bells in the optional part (i'm blanking on the name...)? I get how to teach the kids how to play the bells along with the melody, but I'm at a loss. What did you do to teach that part?
Thanks in advance!

Dena said...

I have been using a lot of your handbell ideas - love them! I want to use the bells for the chorus of Easter Hosanna pg 68. I cannot find any bell music for that and was hoping for a suggestion on how to write it myself. Thanks!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Dena!

I'd suggest making your own chart - I have a post to help you here:


I'll see if I can try to make one before Sunday but I can't guarantee I'll get it finished with it being the holiday weekend.


Camille Hill said...

Hi Dena!

I added a handbell chart to Easter Hosanna here:


I hope it helps!!


Dena said...

Hi Camille-
Thank you so much for your help with the handbell chart for Easter Hosanna. With the last minute request I was so excited when I opened your web page this morning and there it was! You are amazing! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again - I love all your ideas and willingness to share!


Trevor and Jeana said...

Hi Camille!

I love your blog! It has helped me feel more confident in my calling and more organized. I love all your ideas and willingness to share. I am thinking of starting a blog myself and wondered if you are self-hosted or if you just use a free blog format? If you are using a free blog service how do you have your own domain name?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!