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October 2019 Singing Time Schedule

This year, October is kind of new territory since singing time still has assigned songs to teach even if you've already finished your program.  Usually around this time, we have no assigned material and can teach pretty much what we like but with the new Come Follow Me Music for Singing Time curriculum, there is material to teach all year long!  That can get tricky if you are still trying to review for your program.  I've got a few suggestions below to help combat all these changes so you are able to implement everything in primary!

On a side note, make sure you've ordered your Music Bag HERE!  I'm still taking orders!

Then also don't forget to order your Merry Bells HERE to take advantage of the 10% off coupon!  The best time to use bells in primary is at Christmas so make sure to get your primary a set!  Christmas is right around the corner and I'll be using LOTS of bells in my Christmas lesson plans!!

See how I use my singing time schedule HERE!  Then download an editable and printable version of the below information HERE or use my October 2019 Singing Time Planner found HERE.

When He Comes Again is a song suggestion for October.  You can find my lesson plan for teaching it HERE.

The Church of Jesus Christ is another song suggestion for October.  You can find my lesson plan for teaching it HERE.  And don't skip out on the 2nd verse if you decide to teach this song!  What?  You've never heard of the 2nd verse - more details are in the link post on the 2nd verse!  It's one of my primary's absolute favorite!!

I Love To See The Temple is always a great one to pull out for an easy review as most primaries are very familiar with this favorite primary song!  Find my lesson plan HERE using my favorite, Susan Fitch's art work!!

If you want to see what I've taught this year so far, and what I will be teaching for the rest of the year, check out my post HERE.

So, if you are lucky enough to have finished your primary program, during October, you can simply teach each of these 3 songs each week this month!  The great part is there is no need to review or push to memorize because there will be no "test" (i.e. program!) when it's all done!  You can teach the songs simply for the sake of teaching a new song, feeling the spirit and teaching doctrine.  How wonderful!

But if you are still reviewing for your program, use these songs as an opening song for singing time.  It will help break up the monotony of reviewing your program songs too!  Simply post the words like I do HERE, maybe quickly discuss with the children how these songs apply to what they are studying at home in Come Follow Me and move on to reviewing for your program.  Don't feel overwhelmed like you need to have these songs memorized.  Singing them through once during singing time will suffice.  Once your program is over, you can go back to focusing more on teaching the current song suggestions.

Another option with an upcoming program is to do a little of both of the suggestions above!  Take 2 weeks this month to focus on 1 of the 3 suggested songs for the month, review one week for the program, then take a week off and sing something related to the season.  This is the approach I follow ALL YEAR LONG until program time. 

If you still need to review for your program, I'd suggest my Come Follow Me - I Will Make You Fishers of Men review activity HERE!  It's been very popular!

You can also check out my chapel review helps HERE for a few tips on reviewing your program in the chapel!

I've also got details for a program invitation and physical program HERE if it helps.

And remember, October is a short month with General Conference the first Sunday!  Below is what my singing time will look like since our program is over (note that I don't have a "scripture song" since I'll be able to teach each of the 3 suggested songs this month!).  Make sure to modify as needed for your primary's schedule!

Singing Time Schedule
October 2019

But if you want to get a jump ahead on next year, make sure you check out my Music for Singing Time 2020 post HERE!  This is a great weekend to prep!

October 13th:
Welcome Song: Hello, Friends p. 254
Opening Song: The Books in the New Testament p. 116
Lesson Song:  When He Comes Again p. 82

Lesson Details:  Find my lesson plan HERE.

October 20th:
Welcome Song: Hello, Friends p. 254
Opening Song: The Books in the New Testament p. 116
Lesson Song: The Church of Jesus  Christ p. 77

Lesson Details:  Find my lesson plan HERE.

October 27th:
Welcome Song: Hello, Friends p. 254
Opening Song: The Books in the New Testament p. 116
Lesson Song: I Love To See the Temple p. 95 and Hinges p. 277

Lesson Details:  Find my lesson plan for I Love To See the Temple HERE.

Then find my lesson plan for Hinges HERE (I just think this is the most appropriate primary song to sing around this time of year with my little paper plate skeleton!).  The kids LOVE it!!

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