Friday, August 30, 2019

I Know That My Redeemer Lives

For our program, the closing hymn will be I Know That My Redeemer Lives.  The primary will sing the 1st verse and the congregation will join in on the rest.  I'll only be teaching the first verse (this is what I typically teach for all the hymns we learn in primary).  I thought it would be ideal for the kids to learn it using a Hymn Book and a fun melody map/code.

I'll only be teaching this to Sr. primary.  I'll be teaching When We're Helping to Jr. primary using my lesson plan HERE.  If you have a combined primary, I'd still teach I Know That My Redeemer Lives.  Always cater to the older children as the little ones will pick up what they can and learn from the older ones.

I loved the melody map that was shared HERE in the comments:

So I simply created a printable for it and slightly tweaked it:

Download it HERE.  If you notice any errors, PLEASE let me know!  If you know me, I'm prone to the occasional typo - UGH!

To implement in primary, pass out a hymnbook to each child and hang the code on the chalkboard so page one is at the top and the rest of the pages are underneath it  (just like I have the 4 images posted above).  Tell the kids this is a code to the song and see if they can figure it out.  Sing through the song using the hymnbooks.  Give hints as needed.  Maybe pointing to each shape as each word is sung, etc.

As items are figured out, write the answers in the key with a marker:


  • SQUARES: words about us (I, my, etc.)
  • TRIANGLES: words about the Savior
  • HEART: "L" words (lives, living and love)
  • CIRCLE: all other words
  • CIRCLED SHAPES: rhyming words
  • ARROWS (represent why the shapes go up and down): the pitch or notes of the song

After the key is filled out, have the primary try singing only the hearts, triangles and squares.  Repeat again singing only the circles.  After that, have the children all pitch lead (move their hands as the shapes go up or down) following the code. Optionally, pass out a wand to use for pitch leading:

Find more details about where I get wands, or how to make your own HERE.

Wands are also included in my Music Bag that I'm still taking pre-orders for!  It is a very versatile singing time kit that no music leader should be without!  Check out more details HERE.


Jamie Schoonmaker said...

Thank you so much for the Printable Map. thank so very much

Jamie Schoonmaker said...

I just had an idea,, that I thought I would share I'm planing on teach ' I know my redeemer live ' with that Map to jr. I have added action to the Square and the heart and circle, as we sing the song I will add the action keeping the kido engaged as the word go in the back door.

Aimee @ Reading Lark said...