Thursday, June 20, 2019

Did Jesus Really Live Again - Review

There was a really great flip chart shared on the Primary Music Leaders FB page that I thought would be easy to incorporate into a simple singing time for reviewing Did Jesus Really Live Again.

Before I review using the flip chart activity, I thought I'd first pull out the poster I created to learn this song.  I just don't think doing it again for the entire duration of singing time will keep their attention.  You can find details on that lesson plan HERE.  I was worried it wouldn't work but it ended up being a very spiritual lesson - I'd almost say one of my favorites!

If you didn't create the poster, you can easily teach this song with the lesson plan below without the poster.

After singing through the song with the poster, remove it from the board.  Tell the kids that this song asks a series of questions, answers them, then provides further explanations.  As you explain this, write the 3 categories across the top of the board:
You'll then need the flip chart pages that were shared on FB HERE (I LOVED this one!).  Download the document HERE if that's easier for you.  There are a few duplicates on the pages so choose the images/pages you prefer.

Hold up the first page of the flip chart and ask the primary if the page asks a question, answers a question or offers an explanation [page 1 is a question].  Post the page under the "QUESTION" category on the board (using a magnet or tape) and sing that phrase.  Since the kids are familiar with the song, they should be able to easily categorize each of the pages.  Repeat with each page until all the pages are posted on the board and you've sung the entire song.  You can also continue to use the actions learned in my lesson plan with the poster!

Time permitting, pick good singers to remove a few pages then sing the song.  Repeat until all the pages have been removed and the song has been sung several times!

Bear testimony that having questions about the gospel is a wonderful thing!  That is how we gain our testimony!

Pass out a page to small groups and have them color their page with.  When the group's page is sung, they can come place the page in the right category on the board and either come up with an action or teach the action assigned with their page.


Ashlee said...

Thanks for the flipchart!!! I'm printing it and using it this Sunday.

Also, I have a question. In several of your previous posts you have provided great pictures or posters that are very large and printable at Costco. I'm trying to print the map provided in Come, Follow Me -- Primary of the last week of Jesus' life and use it for singing time. What software do you use to convert PDF into JPG?


Camille said...

Hi Ashlee!

Thanks for your nice comments! I am able to easily export a PDF into a JPEG by opening the PDF file on my computer, then going to "file" and clicking on "export" then choosing JPEG as the file format. Otherwise, I use Photoshop for everything. I hope that helps!