Thursday, May 23, 2019

12 Apostles Review

Susan Fitch created another AMAZING kit, Jesus & the 12 Apostles.  And with the help from several readers, I'm going to use her images to review our program songs this Sunday!  What a great way to incorporate more of Come Follow Me into singing time by teaching your primary about who the original 12 apostles were. 

Find more details on where to purchase the clip art from Susan Fitch HERE.

Using them in primary is simple.  Just print each color image (I enlarged each image so they printed on a full sheet of paper) on card stock (optional).  Then write on the back of each their name and their associated action:

Andrew – Accelerate Andrew (sing fast)
Bartholomew – Blinking Bartholomew (blink on every beat)
James – Jumping James
John – Just Dance John (do some fun dance moves!)
Judas – Jogging Judas (in place)
Matthew – Mouth the Words Matthew
Other James – Joking James (sing “ha-ha-ha” on the chorus)
Peter – Pat Your Head Peter
Phillip – Fidget Phillip (fidget in seat)
Simon – Sing Slow Simon
Thaddeus – Touch Your Toes Thaddeus (up, down on each beat)
Thomas – Turn Around Thomas

I wrote in in their name with pencil and kind of small so I have the option to use these for other activities if I want:

Then laminate (also optional but advised!).  I was able to fit 2 images per laminating sheet :).  If you want more details on the laminator I use and recommend, check out my post HERE.

To use, simply place each of the 12 apostles on the chalkboard and have children come select one.  Sing any song you like (we'll be reviewing all of our program songs).  Since we've learned 5 program songs, I'll be splitting up the verses so each verse will be sung with a different apostle.  It might be fun to write the name of the apostles under his picture once he's been chosen, to maybe help the kids remember their names.  Then repeat with new songs and new apostles.

As a variation,  you can draw your own apostles, have your primary kids draw them as part of singing time, or omit the images all together and write the names on the board, adding their associated action as the names are chosen.

Scroll through all of my review activities HERE for more ideas!


Jennifer said...

How do you know who is who? Or did you just randomly assign them names?

Camille said...

Hi Jennifer!

Each of her files is named so that's what I went off of but a random assignment would totally work too!