Monday, April 8, 2019

Printer for Singing Time

I finally got a new PRINTER!  I'm pretty stoked about it (this excitement over a printer is adulting at it's finest, folks!).  But my main reason for sharing (even though I really do love this new machine and want to shout it from the rooftops) is I know the question of "what printer should I get" comes up A LOT in this calling.

My HP printer, I bought at Costco, after 10 years finally bit the dust!  It wasn't printing straight and I'd cringe whenever a project would come up that needed a decent print job.  I think I have a 1-year old to also thank in assisting in its {somewhat} untimely death.  It's been a great printer and has dealt with my many printing demands (singing time and non-singing time) over the last decade.

Here's a little peek as to where all my singing time magic begins in case you were dying to know :)...

Sorry for the tangent...back to business: since I've been shopping around and just purchased a new printer, I thought I'd share what I decided to go with (and when I say "I" I actually mean my husband because honestly, I really have no idea and luckily for me, he loves this sort of thing!).

So my husband set to the task of finding me a new printer.  He purchases all of the computers and accessories at work so he's pretty in-the-know as to what's a good printer (although, I did have to fill him in on what HP Instant Ink was).  I think HP Instant Ink is marketed more for home-based printing needs and my husband is more aware of what's great for an office, hence the more office-geared printer purchase}.

He looked into everything and it all came down to price-per page. We landed on this Brother color printer when it was on sale at Officemax HERE.  When I bought it, it came to about $300.00 with sales tax.  My husband knew printer prices well enough to know that we got a good deal.

The same one is on Amazon here:

(this is an affiliate link and I get a small commission if you make a purchase)

It came with a toner cartridge that is a little spendy to replace when it runs out but my husband says I won't need to replace it very often.  It's a good thing I trust him!

The sales guy at Officemax said HP pays them to push their printers to customers but he personally thought Brother printers were better.  But honestly, I loved my old HP.  Just food for thought.

I know printers aren't mandatory for this calling but they definitely make it a lot easier!  I try to not always be printing for every lesson plan and at the very least try to provide variations of my lesson plans so they can be used without a printer but at the end of the day, I rely on this little machine quite substantially.  I personally wouldn't get along very well in this calling without mine.

If you are in the market for a printer, I hope this helps a little.  If you're not in the market, what printers have you come to know and love?  Leave a comment to help others decide!

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