Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Did You Think To Pray? Melody Map Review

Here's a review idea using melody maps to review Did You Think to Pray...

To review, you will need the string sticks (or tied strings) that were used in my lesson plan HERE

Before primary, draw both pages of the following melody map on the chalkboard:

Download it HERE to take as a guide (the words are the answers so don't write those in until primary!).

To begin, have the primary sing through the entire verse and chorus as they try to figure out what the melody map is.  Take answers.  Tell them it's called a melody map.  Show the kids how to move their hands up or down as the dots and lines go up and down.  This is called pitch leading or moving your hand up or down as the notes go up or down.

Pass out the strings/sticks and have them move their sticks to the same movement as the dots and lines. 

Then have them fill in the answers to the lines on the melody map by answering the following questions (do the chorus first):

Pitch lead to find a word that means tired and write it on the melody map [wea-ry]
Pitch lead and find out what can change the night to day [prayer]
Pitch lead to find the rhyming word for weary [dreary]
Pitch lead and find out the rhyming word for day [pray]
What is the string reminding me about? [don't forget to pray]

Move on to the 1st verse:

Before you left your room this morning, what should you do? [think to pray]
What word does the song say that means before? [ere]
Listen for another name for Jesus [Christ our Savior]
What does the song say instead of ask? [sue]
What was the favor you asked for? [shield]

Sing one last time with all the answers filled in.  Time permitting, gradually erase the words and lines, then the dots.

Find my lesson plan to-go HERE.

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