Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Continuing on with Teaching Baptism, He Sent His Son OR I Will Follow God's Plan

For me, it's back to teaching program songs this Sunday.  I'll be teaching the 2nd and 3rd verses to Baptism.

Find my lesson plan HERE.
(I'm proud to say I've lost a little weight since this picture was taken but not proud enough to bother taking a new photo!  Besides, it's winter in my backyard right thanks!)

If you missed my lesson plan for the 1st verse, find it HERE.
(And my little miss featured here is now 9!  Holy smokes!)

If you are continuing on teaching the 2 other suggested songs this month, I have a review activity for He Sent His Son HERE using my review necklaces: 

or HERE for putting the "feeling" into He Sent His Son.

Find my original lesson plan for teaching He Sent His Son HERE in case you missed it.

And then a review activity HERE for I Will Follow God's Plan.

My original lesson plan for teaching this song can be found HERE.

I hope this helps everyone no matter your song choice!!

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