Thursday, January 24, 2019

Mirror the Savior Review Activity

This week I'll be reviewing Jesus Once Was a Little Child.  But this activity will work with any other song choice you've chosen...

First, we'll be reviewing the actions we learned to this song HERE using scarves.

Then to bring in some variety, I thought I'd do an activity similar to what Sharla Dance suggests here in her Mirror Image activity:

Tell the kids that they are going to pretend to be mirrors and should mimic all the movements you do with your hands.  Demonstrate simple actions like in the video above.  Sing the song as they mimic you (with or without scarves).

If you want more ideas for movement, try these cards:

You can find and download them HERE.  Flip through each action with every phrase of the song.  The kids repeat the action over and over until a new one is demonstrated.

Tell them that the Savior commanded us to follow him, just they way a mirror follows or reflects our movements.

Next, challenge the kids to create their own "mirrors."  Pair the kids together.  If you have Jr. and Sr. together, put an older child with a younger child.

Have each pair take turns being the leader and the other person being the follower or "mirror" every time you repeat the song.  They can create their own movements for the other person to follow.

At the end testify to the kids that we should always try and "mirror" (or follow) the Savior's example.

Make sure to check out what I've got planned for next month HERE.

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