Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Golden Birthday Ticket

With church changing to the 2-hour block, our primary will be changing how we handle birthdays.  We'll no longer be singing to them during primary.  Instead, kids with birthdays during the upcoming week will receive a Golden Birthday Ticket:

The birthday kids will simply be given theirs ticket as they are welcomed to primary during transition time.  After the block hour, they can take their ticket to the bishop to redeem for a candy bar after church (or any other sort of gift will work).  Kind of a win-win.  The kids are recognized in primary and then they get to go and interact with the bishop each year around their birthday :).

You can download my printable HERE.  Print on white card stock and cut out so each child only gets 1 even though the page prints 3.  Then write their name on the blank line with a Sharpie marker.


Unknown said...

Hi, would you be willing to create tickets in other languages, Spanish for example, kindly advise

Camille Hill said...

Hi Unknown,

If you can provide other translations, I'll happily add various versions! Just let me know what translations you give me :).