Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Singo - With a Twist!!

This Sunday I'll be playing Christmas Singo for singing time and combining with sharing time.  Last Sunday the counselor in charge of sharing time was randomly talking about how she didn't know what to plan for sharing time and I volunteered to have us combine!  Singo easily takes more than 20 minutes (but can definitely be consolidated to fit into 20 minutes) and is simple for a holiday weekend (especially if you've already done the work in years past!).  

Find my lesson plan HERE.

To help with all those Christmas wiggles, you can put them to good use and bring in Elf Yoga when you sing the songs.  Find details HERE.  Create a singing time countdown where you sing the top 10 favorite songs from this year.  Bring in Elf Yoga and you have another fun and simple activity!

As an optional reward for getting 5 in a row or "singo," you can decorate a chalkboard Christmas tree.  Draw a tree on the chalkboard and kids can come up to draw on an ornament every time they get 5 in a row.  Again, this could also work on its own.  Add songs on the back of the ornaments, kids pick an ornament and you sing the song.  

I have 20x30 printable options available as well:

JPEG HERE (great for Costco!)
Tiled version HERE for printing at home (prints on 9 sheets of paper)

Then I have PDF ornaments HERE to be printed at home (print as many sheets as you need).  I'd recommend printing on card stock, cutting out and laminating.  These could also be used against a chalkboard tree if you wanted to simplify.

If you want more ideas to sing in the new year, check out all my posts HERE.  They include Celebrating New Years Around the World and Primary Fireworks!

Happy New year!  I've got LOTS planned for my January Singing Time Schedule that I've got posted HERE!


Yolanda said...

Thank you!

Jerilyn Brunson said...

Hey Camille, I have a question. I was called this year in October just after our primary program, so I am brand new to this calling. Where do you find the assigned songs for the primary program? From what I understand by reading your blog, the church assigns the songs they want sung in the primary program each year (with the exception of a few) but where would I find that information?

Thanks again for all you do!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Jerillyn!

I'm hoping this post can help you here:

If you still have questions, let me know!


Jerilyn Brunson said...

So, there is no assigned program songs? It is all up to the discretion of the primary presidency and bishopric? Am I understanding that correctly?

But, you personally are choosing one song from each of the assigned 3 per month to sing for the program?

Camille Hill said...

That's right. I'd suggest you pick what you would like to teach and get approval from your presidency/bishopric. That's what I did.