Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Review Activities

I'm going to assume that this Sunday, most primaries are reviewing Christmas songs they'll be singing on the Sunday before Christmas.  I've got 2 REALLY SIMPLE Christmas singing time activities that might be really useful this Sunday - perfect for this busy time of year!

For my primary, we'll be reviewing When Joseph Went to Bethlehem (find my lesson plan HERE) and Christmas Bells on the bells (find my lesson plan HERE).  I'm still trying to decide if I'll review with those lesson plans or pull out one of these fun review activities below.  Such decisions!  I may do a mixture of both.  I need the Sr. primary kids to practice the bells a little but I'm a little "rung" out with the bells this week (if I'm being totally honest!!).

The first one is Silent Singer Christmas Style found HERE.  It's SO easy and the kids LOVE it!

The next idea, I can't take credit for.  It's Elf Yoga or Elf Position Cards.  Amber shared these on the chorister's FB group HERE.  If you aren't on Facebook, download them HERE (note there are 2 different sizes so print only the pages you need).

You use these the same way as my Position Cards (aka Primary Yoga) HERE.  If you haven't used these in primary, you should!  They are a total hit!!

If you aren't reviewing this week, check out my list of Christmas singing time lesson plans HERE for more ideas!  We'll be playing Christmas Singo the week after Christmas!

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