Thursday, November 1, 2018

It's Autumntime & Autumn Day - Bells

I've created bell charts that play the bottom hand of the piano accompaniment of the songs It's Autumntime & Autumn Day in the Children's Songbook:

Download my bell charts for It's Autumntime HERE.  

Download my charts for Autumn Day HERE.  I like to print mine on card stock and place in sheet protectors.

I have a lesson plan HERE that teaches these songs using some fun and simple paper leaf cutouts (without handbells) but I thought this year I'd add to it by bringing in the handbells.

If you need more information on using handbells in primary, check out my post HERE.  If you don't have a set, I would HIGHLY recommend getting one for your primary!  They absolutely LOVE the bells - especially with Christmas coming up!!

Also make sure to also scroll through all of my fall/Thanksgiving lesson plans HERE for more ideas this month.

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