Thursday, August 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Primary!

I loved the Happy Birthday, Primary! crossword puzzle in the August 2018 Friend HERE and thought it would be fun to bring it into singing time to help celebrate the primary's birthday this upcoming week.  I'll simply be recreating the crossword puzzle on the chalkboard.  As you ask the questions and fill it in, sing songs related to each answer:

1. [Children] We Welcome You p. 256
2. [Primary] Our Primary Colors p. 258
3. [Rogers] Hello, Friends! p. 254
4. [Saturday] Saturday p. 196
5. [Fourteen] Our Door Is Always Open p. 254
6. [million] One In a Million (find out more on this song HERE)

If you or your primary is unfamiliar with the songs, make sure to post the words like I do HERE and sing along to them on CD for extra reinforcement!

I'll also hang the Happy Birthday Primary banner and pictures on the chalkboard then briefly reading the primary's history all found HERE (this is also another fun birthday party idea too!).

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