Friday, August 17, 2018

A Child's Prayer - Handbells

If you are looking for another way to review A Child's Prayer, I created a handbell chart using the guitar chords.  It will provide a fun challenge to have the primary split into 2 groups singing the different verses all while having a bell choir play!  Make sure to check out my lesson plan for teaching this song HERE.

**A few notes about the 1st page - this is the introduction ONLY and is not to be played once the song repeats for the next verses.  In the first box (B flat) you come in on count 1 and hold for 4 counts, same with the 2nd box (E flat).  Then for the 3rd box (F) you hold for 8 counts (2 measures).

Download my chart for this song HERE.  The word prompts are in each box for the 1st / 2nd verses.  I hope it makes sense.  I always print mine on white card stock and place in sheet protectors.  If you find any mistakes, PLEASE let me know!

Check out a demonstration video using these charts here (although I have to admit, I got off on the introduction - sorry about that!):

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If you are knew to using handbells, check out my Using Handbells in Primary post HERE.  If there's one prop I would suggest you use in primary, it would be these!!  These are so fun especially to use at Christmas time - which is right around the corner!!

I also have a post for making your own handbell chart HERE or making your own handbell charts using chords HERE (which is what I've done on this song).  I also go into detail about how to use the chord charts at this post.
Make sure to check out all of my handbell charts by scrolling through all my posts HERE.  I'm heading out to a family reunion with 25 primary age nieces and nephews - I'm planning on bringing my handbells and charts to play for a fun Sunday afternoon activity!

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