Monday, July 9, 2018

Betty Spaghetti & More by Susan Fitch

I just HAD to share this fun review activity created by Susan Fitch.  These items were requested by a chorister and Susan is so great to share her talents with us!

It's just in time for all that primary program reviewing we're heading into!  Here's her description of how to use them:


Betty Spaghetti and Spaghetti Yeti have holes in their mouth (you cut the holes out after printing) pile yarn on a plate to look like a bunch of spaghetti. As the kids sing better you can pull the yarn faster or slower to encourage the singing and help feed Betty or Yeti their dinner. 

Bubble Gum Bill has a hole in his mouth that you can stick a pink balloon through. When a helper behind the poster blows into the balloon it will look like a big bubble of bubble gum. The better the kids sing, the bigger the bubble gets! Can they blow it so big it pops?! 

Booger Baby is admittedly a little irreverent and really gross. But he'll definitely get the attention of your young audience. Along the same lines as Betty and Yeti, you will feed yarn through the poster. But Booger Baby's hole is in his nose! The better the kids sing, the more snot he blows out - or sucks in. Either way, it's bound to be a memorable singing time. 

Each image is 11x14, but can be printed larger.


You can purchase these digital posters over at her Etsy shop HERE.  Then print them at your favorite printer (my preference is Costco).  I've also got more interactive posters HERE including Elder Phant and Krusty the Clown.

If you are unfamiliar with Susan Fitch's work, check out her website HERE.  It's a FABULOUS resource - one that I use all the time!

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