Thursday, June 28, 2018

My Country

To celebrate the 4th of July, I'm going to teach My Country.  

You can also check out all of my 4th of July ideas HERE (which include ideas for teaching My Flag, My Flag or reviewing any songs, using glow sticks or primary fireworks!  Loads of fun!).

I thought teaching My Country would be great using flags and the simple images found in A Children's Songbook Companion (find details on that book HERE).  It's a quick song and would be really easy to pair with the song My Flag, My Flag.  Find my lesson plan HERE.

Download my colored images HERE or my black and white images HERE.  Print on card stock, cut out and laminate.  Then you'll need the wordstrips HERE printed and cut out.

Before primary, hang an image and a wordstrip on the left wall, the right wall and the back wall using masking tape.

Pass a flag to each child like these from Amazon (also found pretty much anywhere this time of year):

If you don't have flags, scarves work well too:

To introduce the song, have the kids listen to the song on CD or you and the teachers sing with the piano (post words like I do HERE).  Have the kids look around the room for visuals that coincide with what you are singing.  See if they can figure out what each image is [desert, mountains, iceberg] and where each wordstrip is sung in the song.

Pass out a flag or scarf to each child.  Ask them to follow along with you as you do simple actions with your flag.

1st verse:
my country: stand (and stay standing)
pride: place your hand that's holding the flag over your heart
desert: using the flag, turn to point to the desert image (so if it's on the back wall, turn to the back wall)
mountains: point to the mountain image
land iceberg bound: point to the iceberg image
It's here my home and loved ones are found: move flags up and down across your body as if marching in a parade with a flag, then sit on the word "found"

2nd verse:
my country: sit stand (and stay standing)
I do: point to self using the flag
mighty/noble/true: point to the word strips placed randomly around the room
love: place your hand that's holding the flag over your heart
Long may it be a land where my people are honest and free: wave flags back and forth over head

Download these actions HERE.

Finish by telling the kids that wherever they live is the best place to live because it's where your home and family are found.

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