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Monday, June 11, 2018

Music Resources Found on LDS.org

I've compiled a list of resources all found on lds.org that will help you fulfill your Primary Music Leader calling.  This is the first place I'd recommend checking out if you are new (and something I'd still recommend checking out if you aren't!).  You can also check out my "New Choristers" tab HERE with LOTS more information!

  • For starters, check out the "manual" for this calling!  It's on page 300 of The Children's Songbook entitled "Using the Songbook" or it's all online HERE.  I think this valuable resource often gets overlooked either because it's so simple or we forget (or don't know) it's there.
  • Sharing Time Outline HERE (current outline and past outlines).  This will tell you what suggested songs are to be taught each month.  You can check out my overview of the current outline HERE.
  • Primary Music Leader Video HERE.
  • The Purposes of Primary Music Video HERE.
  • Music HERE which includes Planning Music Time, Music Teaching Techniques, Music in Nursery and Music Resources

  • Teaching Children HERE
  • Sing-Along Videos HERE (see how I use sing-along videos every year in primary HERE - I only wish there were more more but I do know they are continually adding to it each year)
  • Conducting Course - I've got a post that you can check out HERE with more information on that!

If you find other information on lds.org that's helpful, leave a comment with the link!

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kathy said...

Thank you for this GREAT summer reading list. This is so valuable to us to read and ponder over and over. Thank you for all you do to help us become better music leaders.