Monday, June 4, 2018

Hello Song

One of the welcome songs we sing as primary kids are entering primary and to visitors during sharing time is the Hello Song.  I like the idea of saying "hello" in various languanges to bring in a little variety.

The April 2017 Friend had a great article HERE which is how I picked the country and how to say hello in that country's language.

I then created a few printables HERE that I cut out, laminated and put on a wooden dowel to create flags:

Or you can also purchase flags like these found on Amazon here:

To use them, either I'll simply choose a flag with it's corresponding language or I'll let visitors choose and we'll sing "hello" in that language.  Time permitting, we may sing in a few different languages.

If you have suggestions for more countries, leave a comment with the country name and how to say hello and I'll try to add to my collection!

I've got more flags to download HERE.  Thank you for the suggestions!!

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Mego said...

You could do China or Taiwan's flag for "Ni Hao"