Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Dearest Names Bell Chart Using Chords

I received a request for a bell chart for The Dearest Names to sing for Mother's Day (would also work for Father's Day).  You can find my lesson plan for this song HERE.  I usually don't have the handbells play the melody (mostly because it makes for really long bell charts) and since this song doesn't have a descant or obbligato, using chording is a great way to go!

You can download my chart HERE.

The writing down the left side is the chord name to be played (they are found in the music above the notes on the top hand). Then on the right side I tried to write in the portion of the word where the bells come in.

If you are unfamilar with using handbells in primary, check out my post HERE.  Handbells using chording is pretty technical so if you are new with bells, I'd hold off on using chords for a bit.

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