Thursday, April 12, 2018

On a Golden Springtime

This month, I chose On a Golden Springtime as the song of my choice.  I landed on these reversible puppets HERE.  How fun!  I simplified the 2nd and 3rd verses quite a bit.

To introduce the song, I'll be playing the song on CD while I act out with these simple puppets.  The seed is the 1st verse, the tomb is the 2nd verse and the tree is the 3rd verse:

Slide them on like so (this is the opposite of the seed to show it "sleeping":

They invert to this: 
A flower, the risen Christ and {it's a bit of a stretch} the light that came into the grove when Joseph knelt and prayed.  My 11-year old twin boys knew what it was so I'll call it a win!

To make them I bought a few dollars worth of felt squares at Michaels.  Then just sort of started cutting.  To make the round tomb, I traced around a plate ;).  I did sew around the edges of each puppet on my sewing machine, leaving a hole wide enough to insert my hand but you could do it all with a glue gun.  Then I hot glued the pieces on.  To draw the outline of Jesus, I used this image HERE from the March 2018 Friend as my guide.  I used white flannel (that I just had on hand) instead of felt as it was thinner, and hung the picture and my fabric on my window using masking tape using the light so I could see through to trace.

After I demo the puppets, I'll just repeat using them as we bring in the piano and the kids can help me sing as we act out each line together.  I'll also post the words found HERE on the chalkboard.  For Jr. when we get to the chorus where we say "awake, awake" I'll have the kids stand and stretch like they are waking up.

After we sing all 3 verses, I'll tell them that each chorus refers to the same word but it's referring to something different in each verse is different [light].  I'll see if they can figure it out.  We'll discuss about the sunlight [1st verse], Christ is the light of the world [2nd verse] and the gospel light [3rd verse].

I'll also be using these questions as we keep repeating with the puppets:

Verse 1:
Find a word that describes the springtime [golden]
What lay asleep until the sun shone down? [a tiny seedling]
What will the seed do when it awakes? [push upward to the light]

Verse 2:
What 2 things happened after Jesus Christ awoke? [He left the tomb where he had lain, the bands of death he broke]
Where should the sleeping world look after it awakes? [upward to the light]
Find the word on the highest note [Awake]
Because Christ awoke and arose from the tomb, what 2 things may all men do? [live again and look upward to the light]

Verse 3:
Where did Joseph kneel and pray? [in a forest glade]
Who appeared as Joseph prayed? [The Father and the Son] - you could show a picture of the 1st vision too, found HERE in the Gospel Art Book
Why should all nations awake? [To receive the gospel light]
If we accept the gospel, what will we also receive? [Its glorious light]

Find my Lesson Plan To-Go HERE.  Find my follow-up lesson plan to review this song HERE.

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