Wednesday, March 7, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Review - NEW & IMPROVED

I decided to revamp my St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt a bit so it's a little more simplified and less documents to print and deal with.  Past posts are all found HERE if you scroll through them all.

I also have 3 variations of this activity posted below:
  1. Treasure hunt around the church building
  2. Treasure hunt around the primary room
  3. Activities only, no treasure hunt
Do whatever activity will work with your primary.  Our ward meets last and there's no one else in the building do we are able to roam where we like :).  Hiding the pot of gold near the organ will be a possibility this year!

Treasure Hunt around the church building:

Items Needed:
  • Clues found HERE or blank ones HERE cut out and mounted on green card stock (I designed these so you can simply fold them in half if you don't want to mount on card stock).  You may want 2 sets if you have Jr. and Sr. primaries unless you want to put everything back where it was in between teaching.  **I've updated the clues so you can write in ANY 4 songs you want to sing!!

I also wrote on the back where the clue is to be placed.  I'm known for mistakes!!
  • Green stickers (so the kids can "wear green")
  • Rainbow wands/scarves (optional) to create a rainbow - see where I purchased mine HERE (you can omit and just have the kids make a rainbow with their hands instead).
  • Black Pot
  • Chocolate Gold coins, Rolos or any other type of "treasure"
  • Masking tape
Before Primary, place the treasure hunt items around the building (primary table or podium [clue 1], drinking fountain [clue 2], restroom door [clue 3], kitchen counter [clue 4], behind the organ or primary piano [Clue 5]).

Tell the kids a Leprechaun somehow snuck into our church building and left a pot of gold somewhere!  Good thing he left us some clues!

I'll send one class at a time to go fetch the clues, along with their teacher to help maintain reverence.  Make sure to stress no running in the halls (and no peeking at the next clue until they get back to Primary). If anyone gets too wild, the treasure hunt will immediately end.  In the meantime, the rest of the primary will sing wiggle songs from my Wiggle Worm Jar HERE.  For the 4th clue, I'll be introducing Easter Hosanna (by having the primary listen to it on CD) which is what we'll be learning next week to sing in Sacrament meeting on the 25th.

Find the clues, do what they say, sing the songs then distribute the treasure to all the kids.  When we sing If the Savior Stood Beside Me, we will be signing as well.

Treasure Hunt around the primary room:

Similar to the treasure hunt around the church building except use these clues found HERE.  **I've updated the clues so you can write in ANY 4 songs you want to sing!!

Before Primary, place the treasure hunt items around the primary room (primary table or podium [clue 1], window [clue 2], clock [clue 3], underneath a chair [clue 4], behind the piano [clue 5]).

Activities Only - No Treasure Hunt

Simply post each of these documents HERE on the board one at a time and do what they say!

This is just another activity that involves lots of movement, lots of singing and LOTS of reviewing with a St. Patrick's Day twist!


Paxton Harrison said...

Just curious what font this is?!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Paxton Harrison,

It's called Noteworthy (light and bold). I hope that helps!


Angie said...

I love this idea! I don't suppose you could post clues where we could fill in our own songs? We are singing 'Choose Him Again' and 'When I am baptized' this month, in addition to January and February's songs. Your blog is so helpful! Thank you:)

P. Myler said...

I did this "hunt" around our room today with the songs filled in on the blanks so I could use some as review of the songs we've been learning. My kids LOVED IT! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! You are one of my main go-to's for my signing time.